Twitch streamer Esfand mortified after eye-tracker catches him gazing at Pink Sparkles’ boobs

Twitch: EsfandTV / Instagram: pnkysparkles

MMORPG pro EsfandTV is best known for his World of Warcraft skills, but he’s since gone viral for a completely different reason after his eye-tracker caught him staring at Pink Sparkles‘ boobs while viewing Asmongold‘s stream – oops!

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Twitch is home to all sorts of borderline-NSFW content, with many females choosing to stream while wearing risqué articles of clothing. While this isn’t a violation of the Community Guidelines since it’s not actual nudity, it doesn’t stop people from taking a peek at their decolletage.

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World of Warcraft streamer Esfand recently fell victim to the charm of fellow Twitch star Pink Sparkles’ clothing choice, after he was caught looking at her cleavage by his very own eye-tracker.

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During his broadcast on June 30, Esfand was told to watch fellow WoW streamer Asmongold’s channel. “Watch Asmongold’s stream?” he read as he clicked over to it. “I love you, chat! Is today the day?”

Asmongold and his girlfriend Pink Sparkles were IRL streaming their day on her channel when the female star accidentally angled the camera into some awkward positions, giving viewers an eyeful of cleavage.

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Twitch: EsfandTVAsmongold and Pink Sparkles were IRL streaming their day.
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The eye-tracker busted him

As Pink Sparkles’ breasts take up most of the stream’s view, Esfand’s eye-tracker is seen paused on them for a second before the WoW streamer realizes he’s been busted. He quickly closed her broadcast, before he exclaimed “okay…” and broke out into fits of laughter.

He then covered his face with his hand out of sheer embarrassment before continuing to erupt into fits of giggles. His chat was in hysterics alongside him, with many people finding the situation absolutely hilarious.

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Apparently Asmongold didn’t care much about Esfand looking at his beau’s cleavage, since he later posted a photo of him and his fellow WoW streamer on Twitter as they prepared to broadcast together.

“THE TIME IS NOW. Classic dueling tournament going live ASAP–doing some last minute prep,” he tweeted.

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To be fair, Pink Sparkles’ boobs did take up most of the screen, so it’s hardly surprising that Esfand took a peek, and for all we know, it could have been accidental. Although maybe he’ll think twice about using an eye-tracker when viewing her stream next time.

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