Twitch streamer MarkiLokurasY unbanned after two-month ‘permanent’ ban

Connor Bennett. Last updated: Oct 09, 2021
Spanish streamer MarkiLokurasY smiling at Twitch logo
Twitch: MarkiLokurasY/Twitch

Spanish streamer Marcos ‘MarkiLokurasY’ Barragan Rosado has returned to Twitch two months after receiving a ‘permanent ban’ for violating Twitch’s sexual content guidelines on stream.

While Twitch’s rules and guidelines are pretty stringent, receiving a permanent ban from the platform and being banished elsewhere requires a pretty major incident to occur – either on-stream or off it.

Most times, streamers are hit with a suspension – ranging from a day to a few weeks – and even if they lose their partner status, they could still return at some point down the line. Though, it might take two years like in the case of AXIUN.

Back in August, Spanish streamer MarkiLokurasY was hit with a permanent ban for breaking Twitch rules around sexual content on stream. However, he’s been allowed to return.

Getting banned from Twitch is pretty easy, but plenty of streamers return before long.

The Spanish streamer, who has over 1.4 million followers on the platform, was originally banned after a clip of nudity popped up during his broadcast. He apologized in the aftermath, noting he’d need a little time.

Despite his ban from Twitch, he continued to make YouTube content for his 1 million subscribers, noting he was planning on making a comeback to streaming at some point.

Well, as of October 7, he’s been allowed to do so. The Spanish streamer had his Twitch ban lifted after 1 month, 3 weeks, and 3 days. However, his partner status has still been revoked at the time of writing, and you cannot subscribe to his channel.

After making his return, the Spaniard noted that he’s going to try and get his partner status back but he does not know if that’ll happen.

It is possible for streamers to work their way back to being partner eligible on Twitch, but ultimately, the decision lays on the side of the streaming platform.

They may point to previous bans and guideline violations to note that they won’t reverse their decision, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.