Man arrested for aggressively chasing IRL Twitch streamer for “annoying” him


A man has been arrested after chasing IRL Twitch streamer justketh for “annoying” him while trying to relax by the pool.

IRL live streaming continues to get more and more bizarre, and there’s absolutely no telling what may happen during a broadcast at any time.

While entertaining, it can certainly be scary for our favorite creators. With stream snipers running rampant and bad reactions from the public, it can put streamers into some difficult situations.

Confrontations are not uncommon in the slightest, as we’ve seen time and time again the public lashing out at streamers. However, for justketh the situation escalated a bit too far, resulting in a man being arrested.

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During a January 2 live stream, Thai streamer justketh was left stunned as a man chased her after rejecting his invitation to sit with him by the pool while making sexual gestures.

Trying to explain the situation to chat, the man began to approach the streamer and was immediately aggressive with her. “You start to annoy me, I am trying to relax,” he said. “I try to relax, so shut up.”

The two began to walk away from each other before justketh hit out at the man and called him a “f**king idiot” leading to further confrontation.

While Keth was trying to walk away from the situation, the aggressor began to chase her as she headed inside. Threatening to call the police, the man eventually backed off.

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After being convinced by chat to report it to authorities, justketh ultimately headed down to the police station to report the man — who was arrested just a few hours later.

With the police needing an official statement, Keth headed back down to the station with the authorities while the man was handcuffed in the back of the truck.

The streamer later explained how the aggressor was fined but was unable to pay due to banking issues — leading to him getting a night in jail instead.