Twitch streamer hits 1k subs during subathon trapped in a closet

Streamer Izidore subathon from closetTwitch: Izidore

A Twitch streamer by the name ‘IZIDORE’ has hit 1,000 subscribers on the streaming platform thanks to a subathon – all while trapped in a closet with balloons and, bizarrely, a leaf-blower. 

Subathons on Twitch are, in many ways, exactly as they sound. Streamers will set an amount of time to be added to their stream length with every sub, allowing the generosity of their audience to determine how long they have to keep streaming for.

It was through a subathon that streamer Ludwig became Twitch’s most subscribed to creator, with over 120,000 subscribers and a 240+ hour stream.

While IZIDORE, with just over 8,000 followers on Twitch, could not realistically hope for a similarly monumental response, he probably got more than he bargained for when hitting 1,000 subscribers.

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Ludwig will be making barely anything from historic Twitch subathon.Twitch: Ludwig
Ludwig has over 90,000 subs on Twitch, thanks to a subathon.

However, the twist for IZIDORE was that the whole subathon would be completed from inside of a fairly modest closet. The closet, too, would become filled with balloons as a result of bit donations. The torture didn’t end there though, with a subscription or a gifted sub leading to a leaf blower blasting.

The stream would go on to last nearly 21 hours, with the closet becoming almost neck-deep with balloons. It was an undeniable success though, as the streamer hit 1,000 subs. While the subscriptions certainly equaled more suffering in the closet, the streamer couldn’t believe his luck when he hit the impressive milestone.

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IZIDORE had been just shy of the milestone when a generous viewer gifted multiple subs, leading to an emotional thank you shouted over the top of a leaf blower.

We can only imagine how sore the streamer felt when the broadcast finally wrapped at 21 hours, after nearly a full day of being stuck in a closet.

However, it shows how successful thinking outside the box (or in a closet) can be, with the streamer’s subscriptions making him roughly $5,000 before Twitch take their cut.