Twitch streamer forced to evacuate as house catches on fire mid-broadcast

Michael Gwilliam
Twitch streamer's house catches fire mid broadcast

A Twitch streamer was forced to evacuate after a terrifying fire in his house saw his stream literally end with smoke completely filling his room.

Twitch streams have captured a number of scary moments over the years including earthquakes, storms, and even LA street brawls between strangers, but one streamer’s fiery nightmare could be one of the worst we’ve ever seen.

Unfortunately, the VOD has been deleted, but clips by viewers reveal how the incident unfolded and the severity of the inferno.

Twitch streamer’s house catches on fire

On January 27, Twitch streamer RSN_Radishboy was playing Old School RuneScape when suddenly, a fire alarm began going off, alerting him that something was wrong.

“I should probably check that out,” the streamer told his chat before disappearing off-screen for a moment before returning with grim news.

“My house is on fire! I’m not even joking.”

While still remaining calm and collected, the streamer pulled out his phone and dialed 911 before getting up to leave once more.

It’s not clear what Radishboy saw, or where in his house the fire was originating from, but the game’s clock indicates that he left the room for nearly a minute before returning to call for help.

From there, clips show Radishboy’s room completely filled with smoke while his RuneScape friends voiced concerns in chat.

One user in the game claimed to be on the phone with him at the time, indicating that he may have gotten out safely.

So far, the streamer has yet to update his viewers on Twitter or Twitch, leaving some still very concerned for the 31-year-old’s wellbeing.

We can only hope that he made it out okay and the fire was extinguished swiftly.

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