IRL Twitch streamer stunned after driving into LA street fight

Michael Gwilliam
Men fight on the streets of LA

An IRL Twitch streamer’s drive through LA’s Koreatown turned violent after a brutal street fight randomly broke out.

Twitch star JakeNBake was driving around the city in search of some Boba also known as Bubble Tea, when fisticuffs started flying between two men in the middle of the road.

The streamer, who is home in America after spending many years in Japan, was shocked to see two men engage in combat.

“Are they fighting? Holy sh*t,” he swore as he drove closer. “Oh, sh*t! Those guys are fighting.”

Right as Jake pulled in on the exchange, a man in black shorts appeared to land a nasty right hook to his hoodie-wearing adversary.

All while this was going on, people on a restaurant patio to the right watched as the two continued their fight, not wanting to interfere.

Eventually, the man in the hoodie got right into the other individual’s face and was met with another big right hand, leaving Jake to wonder how he should proceed.

Cars in LA's Korea Town
JakeNBake drove away in case things got crazier.

“What should I do?” he asked out loud. “What the f**k? Uh, that guy’s shirt’s all ripped. What happened?”

From there, the man in the hoodie seemed to get back into his car, leading some in chat to suspect that this could have been a vehicle or road rage-related incident.

“I kinda wanna get out of here. I don’t know what those guys are going to do,” Jake decided. “I don’t want them to pull out some crazy sh*t.”

Jake was able to successfully leave the area, but addressed his chat while in the parking lot nearby. “That guy got clocked twice,” he said, suggesting it was very one-sided.

You never really know what you’re going to get during an IRL stream, but at least the streamer managed to stay safe during a really nasty turn of events.