Twitch streamer reveals disturbing harassment and swatting attempts by ex mod

nalipls explains abuse by modTwitter/nalipls

Canadian Twitch streamer ‘nalipls’ has revealed shocking harassment she allegedly faced from a former moderator of her channel, including swatting attempts.

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for streamers to have stalkers who take their obsessions to creepy levels, but for nalipls, her abuse has apparently been going on for over two years.

In a Twitlonger, the WoW streamer explained how a former mod of hers known as ‘propain’ met her at BlizzCon 2019 and began an obsession that included increasing donations and asking to speak with him privately on Discord.

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From there, despite being in a relationship, nalipls said her mod started inquiring about ways to visit her in another country and began making fake accounts to post inappropriate comments on her photos.

After confronting him about it, propain admitted to posting the comments and even threatened to kill himself, leading to nalipls calling the police in his area and eventually removing his moderator status.

Nalipls said that this was when the real abuse began with her stalker making many fake accounts to harass her and sending photoshopped images of her face on naked bodies to her friends.

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The harassment eventually caused the streamer to quit Twitch, which was her main source of income and start a GoFundMe for legal fees in order to get a restraining order. After some legal issues and a settlement, the harassment continued.

nalipls absusive tweetTwitter/nalipls
nalipls posted screenshots of the abuse she’s received.

“When I say he was messaging my friends and followers, it wasn’t a few here and there. It was all day, every day. Every post I made, or commented on, or liked, he would respond with the photos on multiple accounts,” she explained. “He tried to SWAT me here by calling the police and telling them I was going to kill myself. He was unsuccessful.”

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In August of 2021, nalipls said she started having serious heart issues leading to her spending a week in the Cardiac ICU and was warned stress could cause a resurgence. This then resulted in propain allegedly targeting her boyfriend, ‘Borngood’, with abuse.

“After I finished my degree, I returned to Twitter and WoW, which has made him escalate further,” she noted. “His messages are increasingly threatening, such as telling Borngood he will ‘need to get a casket’ for me and threatening to make a ‘newsworthy event at a convention.’”

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The streamer is now hoping she can get some closure now that all the information about her alleged abuse is public.

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