Twitch streamer Erobb’s kayak stream ends in disaster during Shitcamp

Emma Hill
Erobb putting his hand to head in shock and his karak capsizing live on stream

Twitch viewers were left in hysterics after streamers ‘erobb221’ and ‘Zoil’ were kayaking together when their boat suddenly capsized during QTCinderella’s Shitcamp 2022.

Following its huge success from the previous year, fans were ecstatic to learn that QTCinderella would be bringing back her Shitcamp event in 2022.

Once again, the popular Twitch event would see popular streamers from across the community including Valkyrae, Ludwig, and Hasan coming together from September 5-8 to stream their adventures taking part in various outdoor activities.

Choosing to make the most of the outdoors, Erobb and Zoil decided to take a trip out together in a kayak across a lake. However, it all ended in disaster with Erobb having to frantically search for his phone.

Erobb and Zoil capsize in kayak together during Shitcamp

After some fishing with their fellow Shitcamp participants, Zoil and Erobb were paddling across some water together when their kayak started to rock and they lost their balance.

As one of the pair let out a high-pitched scream, the boat suddenly capsized and the two collapsed into the lake.

Zoil immediately started to panic as he screamed: “I can’t swim!” Luckily, he was wearing the appropriate gear to help him float as Erobb laughed next to him. That was until he realized his phone was also sitting in the kayak with him.

He was subsequently horrified to learn that he had lost his phone somewhere in the murky depths of the water as well as the pictures he had of his daughter Emmy on the device. So, he went on a determined hunt to get it back.

However, despite various members diving in the water and Erobb even using the FindMyIPhone app, they sadly couldn’t find it.

This wasn’t the only eventful moment to have already taken place during Shitcamp 2022, as the group poked fun at xQc’s supposedly bailing out of the event last minute.

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