Twitch streamer Erobb can’t hold it in after the hot chip challenge

Filip Krawanski
Twitch streamer Erobb before and after the hot chip challenge

Twitch streamer Erobb221 partook in the One Chip Challenge on his Twitch live stream. Unfortunately, his stomach did not take in the spicy chip well, which resulted in an embarrassing on-stream incident.

Erobb221 seems to be on quite the cold streak lately. Earlier this year, he was kicked from Team CoconutB during Twitch Rivals Rust Battle, which surprisingly ended up with the same team winning the competition.

This and some other happenings have turned Erobb into the butt of many jokes made by certain Twitch communities.

Unfortunately, Erobb’s July 12 stream will add to this reputation, as he had quite the on-stream incident after digesting a hot chip for a challenge.

Erobb has an on-stream incident after eating a hot chip

Erobb was an hour into his usual stream, consisting of talking to his chatroom and just scouring the web, looking at videos and memes. Then, he busted out an extremely spicy chip to try the One Chip Challenge that he promised to his fanbase.

Erobb holding a hot chip and One Chip Challange box during his livestreamErobb with the hot chip, minutes before eating it.

After around 20 minutes of discomfort, Erobb decided he needed to use the toilet, but unfortunately, he forgot to turn off his microphone, much to the disgust of his chatroom.

While the clip itself has been deleted from Twitch for obvious reasons, a mirror has been saved. It should be noted that the clip might be uncomfortable for some due to the nature of the audio included. For those still curious, the mirror might be found right here.

A Reddit thread on the topic contained a user comment that seemed to describe the clip perfectly: “That was the most beautifully disgusting and funny thing I experienced today,” the viewer wrote.

What made the situation tragically funny is the fact that at the tail end of 2022, Erobb had a similar problem during his stream when his body betrayed him while digging a massive hole.