Twitch streamer headbutted by her dog so hard she has to end stream early

Brad Norton
TravelDanielle stream
Twitch: traveldanielle

Popular variety streamer ‘traveldanielle’ was forced to end her latest Twitch broadcast early after her pet bulldog accidentally headbutted her with enough force to knock lesser humans out cold.

Every now and then, things don’t quite go according to plan for streamers on Twitch. Viewers are right there for the highest highs, but also the lowest lows when things go awry.

Such was the case for traveldanielle during her latest Twitch stream. While all appeared to be fine throughout the first three and a half hours of her Destiny fashion show, things came to a sudden end when her dog came bursting into the broadcast frame.

Trying to encourage her pet bulldog onto her lap, ‘Brimstone’ quickly whipped his head back and accidentally cracked Danielle in the skull.

“He’s insane, I don’t know what his deal is. That really hurt,” she said, reacting to the pain and walking off camera in tears. The blow was brutal enough that her partner ‘Datto‘ came in to eventually end the stream.

“I’m just holding an ice pack to my head so I don’t know how I can play video games,” she added moments later. “My head hurts pretty bad already.” Viewers were all quick to express their concern in the chat, sending well wishes and hoping for a speedy recovery.

“You ever just get headbutted by your 60lb pitbull in the jaw?” Danielle asked on Twitter. “So hard it rattles your brain live on stream in front of many people and then cry and end stream cuz the pain kicks in? Just me? Cool.”


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Fortunately, the streamer was able to joke about the accident over the following day. “Got cold clocked in the jaw by my very cute but very thick skulled 60lb pitbull,” she went on to share on Instagram. 

“At least I know I can take a hit and shake it off. Bring on Logan Paul.”