Twitch streamer catches moment bumper falls off car during IRL stream

Emma Hill
Garytheproducer streaming in front of screenshot of his car bumper on the road

Twitch streamer ‘garytheproducer’ caught the incredible moment he was streaming from his car when suddenly his bumper fell off in the middle of the highway. 

There have been many weird and sometimes worrying events that have been captured during a livestream.

Just some examples include a streamer’s livestream being brought to a smoky end after she set fire to her kitchen. As well as, LosPollosTV who was raided by police live on stream.

Now, another shocking livestreaming incident has been added to the list. Content creator garytheproducer was streaming from his car when suddenly he and the driver heard a bump from the rear of their car.

garytheproducer streaming
Garytheproducer was streaming from the passenger seat of his car when he was horrified to feel a large crash come from the back of the car.

Streamer’s car bumper falls off live on stream

Garytheproducer was filming from his passenger seat when suddenly a loud bump can be heard from the back of the car. He and the driver Vanessa looked on in shock as they debated what could have happened.

As garytheproducer called on Vanessa to pull over, she said: “I think that was our bumper.” However, he refused to believe it was possible.

As soon as it was safe enough to do so, he quickly jumped out of the car to survey the damage. Unsurprisingly, he was horrified to see his bumper sitting on the side of the highway.

Looking on in shock, garytheproducer collected his bumper saying, “it’s real bad. It’s real bad, dude.” Picking up the car part, he made his way back to the car amazed that it was still intact.

This isn’t the first time that garytheproducer has caught an intense moment during his livestream. Back in 2022, he caught the terrifying moment when a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit not far from his home.

Obviously, garytheproducer was horrified by the incident. However, here’s hoping that he’ll be able to get the problem solved soon.

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