Twitch streamer begs viewers for help after cooking stream ends with kitchen in flames


Twitch streamer Kelly ‘kjanecaron’ Caron almost burnt down her kitchen in a cooking stream gone wrong as part of a subathon for viewers.

After Ludwig’s runaway success with his record-breaking subathon, streamers on Twitch running subathons with bigger and wilder premises has become a norm for the livestreaming platform.

For one streamer, this push for content almost had a catastrophic outcome. During a recent ‘uncapped subathon,’ Kelly was cooking for her viewers with an overheated pan and smoking the room up.

After the pan caught aflame, kjanecaron forgot oil safety 101 (here’s a refresher for your convenience) and ran the pan to her sink.

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After splashing water onto the fiery pan, causing a larger flame to arise due to the combination of water and oil, Kelly swung the pan around, spreading oily flame across her stovetop.

Unsure of what to do the streamer began crying out “oh sh*t, oh f**k, f**k f**k f**k,” before asking her viewers for help.

Crying out ‘help’ to the strangers watching her on the internet, she then yelled “I don’t know what to do! Help, I don’t know what to do.”

Responses on Reddit were a mixture of sympathetic and belittling around the firey escapade.  With one user claiming: “Her hand got burnt. It’s obviously easy to laugh and point out the many mistakes she made, but in a stressful situation like that I totally understand going into a panic and having no idea what to do.”

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Instagram: kjanecaron
The streamer announced via an Instagram story that she was fine, though the fire department had to be called.

After urging her viewers to share the clip of her starting a small flame, Kelly left her stream live while heading to ‘get bandages’ for her injured hand.

Responding to criticism that pushing for the video to go viral is an irresponsible action, kjanecaron closed out her stream saying “well yeah, if I’m  gonna f**k myself up, at least let me exploit it.”