LosPollosTV raided by armed police on Twitch stream in swatting


Twitch streamer LosPollosTV’s home was swatted while he was live-streaming Fortnite, and luckily nobody was injured. 

Swatting has become a major issue for some of Twitch’s biggest streamers. On June 28, Twitch star xQc said he was being swatted “daily” and was eventually forced to move out of the house he was living in.

Now, LosPollosTV has joined the ranks of streamers who have been swatted. While LosPollosTV was streaming Fortnite on July 21, his home was raided by a SWAT team. In the clip, you can see multiple officers enter his room, one sporting a riot shield.

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Thankfully LosPollosTV is safe after this scary incident. He came back to the stream right after the incident and explained the situation, and offered caution to his Twitch chat.

“Some f**king p****y… literally swatted my f***kin’ house. Hey, I don’t know want people blaming people bro, I don’t know why people are assuming anything. I’m not blaming anybody for this. I don’t know why you’re assuming that. I don’t know where that came from.”

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It is possible that Pollos’ chat was blaming it on popular streamer Ludwig over a Twitter beef that occurred earlier in the day.

Adin Ross and Ludwig go at it

Just before the swatting, Pollos and Ludwig got into an argument over gambling on Twitch in a tweet-thread. Ludwig tweeted at streamer Trianwrecks about the current gambling drama making the rounds, and Pollos argues that promoting buying large amounts of Pokemon card packs as Ludwig did is also gambling.

After the swatting, Adin Ross responded to the swatting, saying “Oh, you know what happened bro? He had an argument with this guy named Ludwig. That’s f**ked.”

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Ludwig responded by saying “That is such a s***ty thing to ever say. Ever. And it sucks that LosPollosTV, the man who just got swatted, has to say ‘don’t spread hate’ to the guy who doesn’t think twice about what he says.”

Ludwig continues “I do not care if you are 20, it’s so crazy. And now I have at least 15 people in my DM’s telling me it’s gonna be a ‘problem’ if they see me.”

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Ludwig clearly took offense to Adin Ross suggesting it was his fault that Pollos got swatted, and there is no evidence suggesting it was his fault.

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