Twitch streamer devastated as her phone gets stolen to end IRL stream

twitch streamer phone stolen

A Twitch streamer exploring the streets of Naples, Italy was the victim of drive-by phone theft, and the camera stayed on for a moment to broadcast the crime.

When content creators take their streams on the road, they’re always putting themselves at a risk. They’re stepping outside the protective bubbles of their stream setups and into the chaos of IRL streaming.

Anything can happen while IRL streaming and Twitch users have been the victims of a number of horrific encounters. Viewers have witnessed anything from drunk men chasing streamers down the street to others being physically assaulted by a group of strangers.

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Streaming IRL is a dangerous hobby, but physical well-being isn’t the only concern streamers have. They also have to worry about their equipment being damaged—or worse—stolen.

elina twitch streamerElina (Twitch)
Elina is a variety streamer on Twitch who also streams IRL.

Twitch streamer phone stolen, but the show goes on

Within the first 30 minutes of Elina’s stream, the broadcast came to an unexpected end. While she explored the streets of Naples, Italy, an unknown person on a motorized scooter flew by swiping the streamer’s phone from her hands.

The Swedish streamer would later update her fans via Instagram letting them know she was okay. While the event was startling and altogether tragic, it was also quite ironic when watching the full clip.

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Moments before her phone was stolen, Elina was walking past an eery passageway. She stated, “I think I will die if I go in here. If I were to die on camera, or on stream, I think that would be good content. I would become famous.”

While she did not die, her stream surely did a few seconds after her phone was taken. The clip of the incident has gone viral with over 35k views on Twitch.

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Later during a short live stream on Instagram, Elina stated, “I’m a little shaken up cause my phone got stolen. Just ripped out of my hand by some moped dude.”

She didn’t go into detail regarding the aftermath of the event but did state she was back home and was fine.

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