Twitch streamer begs for help after indefinite ban ‘ruins’ his career - Dexerto

Twitch streamer begs for help after indefinite ban ‘ruins’ his career

Published: 8/Apr/2021 20:47 Updated: 13/Apr/2021 3:17

by Michael Gwilliam


A Twitch streamer is pleading for help after an indefinite ban has forced him to move in with his grandparents and consider dropping streaming completely if he doesn’t get answers.

In a video explaining his situation, Nickich revealed he was banned on March 20 at around 1:00 AM while in the middle of a broadcast due to unmoderated hateful comments in his chat.

For this crime, the streamer was hit with an indefinite suspension with no indication for when he would ever be allowed back on the platform.

Despite trying to get an appeal, he hasn’t heard back from the Amazon-owned company, which has left him worried about his future.


“It’s been over two and a half weeks and I haven’t heard anything back. No progress has been made. Twitch hasn’t hit me up. Nobody has been able to do anything,” the Canadian explained.

According to the banned streamer, mass reports could have played a factor in his suspension, but he really has no idea. Now, it’s really making him consider other options available to him.

“I have to wait for my appeal to be read that takes months!” he exclaimed. “I would much rather prefer Twitch gave me an automatic fourteen-day, seven-day, a thirty-day ban, so that then I would know when I can go back to streaming.”


Twitch ban screen
Nickich’s ban is hurting his career options.

The streamer, who is in his fourth year of university, is about to finish his semester and had plans to start school again in May. Instead, he delayed it to September because he was planning to stream full-time.

“My numbers were getting real good, I had a lot of subscribers. I was peaking and everything and I really thought this was my chance to go full-time and really focus on streaming for a couple months to see what I can do,” he added. “I got hit with this ban and I’ve been filled with anxiety.”

He further noted that he literally had to move in with his grandparents all for streaming and had dedicated everything to his passion, but it was all for nothing.


“For the stage in my life I’m at and financially, I can’t keep waiting for Twitch. I can’t keep sitting around. I started applying for jobs and stuff,” he further noted.

Worst of all, according to Nickich, even if Twitch appealed his ban and brought his channel back in a couple of months, it would be too late.

To end his plea, the streamer asked for any other streamers or organizations to help him and so far, his call for help has been viewed over 150,000 times.