Twitch chat pays for woman’s wallet and phone that were stolen during stream

Surfing teachers shoced after Twitch streamer's chat pays for stolen walletTwitch: jaystreazy

Twitch streamer JayStreazy and his chat stunned two surfing teachers by donating them money after their cash and phone were stolen during a stream.

Streamer JayStreazy is no stranger to crazy things happening while doing an IRL stream. In 2019 he spotted someone stealing from a grocery store while live, and then in March 2020 had his phone stolen from him by a man on a motorbike in Vietnam.

Jay’s 49,000 Twitch followers love his IRL content that’s set in some amazing places, and this time he treated his viewers to a ‘Surfing in Suits’ stream while in Da Nang, Vietnam.

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JayStreazy in a suit on streamTwitch: JayStreazy
Jay does lots of interesting activities during his IRL streams.

The streamer set off for the beach to learn how to surf, with one instructor, Mia, behind the camera, acting as a cameraman for the stream.

The group had a great time on the beach, but when they returned to the surfing school, Mia quickly realized that while they had been away her wallet had been stolen, along with another instructor’s phone.

However, Jay turned the instructors’ day around when he revealed that he’d be giving them 6.5 million VND ($280), thanks to tips received from the chat. He didn’t have enough cash on him at the time to give them the full amount, but promised to return later.

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When he returned, not only did he bring the remaining bit of money, he also brought an extra 13 million ($561) to give to them. The pair were absolutely stunned by Jay and his viewers’ generosity, and they even got a bit emotional.

While they were of course upset by their stolen items, they couldn’t have been more overjoyed with Jay and his chat’s decision to help cover the cost. One instructor even said that he would name his new phone after Jay.

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The pair were at a loss for words by the end of the interaction, but viewers loved seeing their happiness and relief as a result of the donation.

Jay is still getting up to plenty of cool activities while in Vietnam, and is taking his Twitch chat along for the journey.

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