Twitch streamer beats Ludwig’s subathon time, celebrates by shaving head

Luke Edwards
twitch streamer PiG shaving his head

StarCraft caster and Twitch streamer Jared ‘PiG’ Krensel has smashed the time set by Ludwig Ahgren’s legendary subathon – and he celebrated by shaving his hair off.

Ludwig took over Twitch with his record-breaking subathon, which saw him overtake Ninja as the most-subscribed streamer in the history of Twitch as he streamed, day and night, for 31 straight days.

His work has inspired other streamers to take up the subathon challenge, with Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyell announcing plans to do a subathon of his own, potentially for 60 days, though he is yet to decide on a specific date.

But PiG has taken Ludwig’s challenge and made it his own, having now streamed beyond Ludwig’s time of 726 hours – and he isn’t looking like stopping anytime soon.

The subathon – lavishly titled “PiG’s Subathon Sellout Super Stream” – has seen PiG write a dedicated song, eat a lemon, and do a full workout – all live on stream as sub goals.

And to celebrate exceeding the 726-hour mark, PiG decided it was high time to shave off his luscious pink locks and adopt a more minimalist look.

Originally, this challenge was activated when he hit 12,750 subscribers, but he saved it for an even more special occasion. What’s more, PiG will be selling his chopped-off hair to a lucky buyer.

At the time of writing, PiG still has over 18 hours left of his subathon to go and has amassed over 16,000 subscriptions. While his sub count is not yet tracked by TwitchTracker, this sub count would place him in 36th place, above popular streamers like Trainwrecks, Asmongold, and TommyInnit.

Whether PiG will be able to go much further will depend on how much interest he can garner from new subscribers, but it’s already an impressive feat.

However, he has a while to go to beat Twitch’s longest streams, with one Mario 64 speedrunner beating the game’s 16-star world record live on a 3000-hours stream of his own.

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