Super Mario 64 speedrunner breaks 16-star world record during 4-month Twitch stream

Super Mario 64 Mario 16 Star Speedrun Record With LogoNintendo

Twitch streamer ‘KANNO’ not only set a new Super Mario 64 world record with an incredible 16-star speedrun, but did so without turning off his broadcast even once during an epic marathon that lasted nearly four months.

With many of Nintendo’s titles — older games in particular, like Super Mario 64 — offering near-infinite levels of replayability, many of speedrunning’s best moments and most impressive records have come to life inside the company’s games.

In another example of mind-blowing dedication by a Mario speedrunner, Twitch streamer KANNO set a new 16-star world record in Super Mario 64 while streaming his entire journey — non-stop — for just shy of four months straight.

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Kanno Twitch Stream Super Mario 64 Speedrun World RecordTwitch / KANNO
After almost four months of non-stop streaming, KANNO’s persistence finally paid off.

On June 12, KANNO found himself facing off against Super Mario 64’s final boss yet again. After defeating Bowser (for what was probably about the ten-thousandth time), the streamer realized he was about to achieve his ultimate goal of the quickest 16-star speedrun ever recorded.

As Bowser faded away, KANNO claimed the final star and jumped out of his chair in excitement as he realized his dream had come true. After streaming more than 3,066 hours, he had finally set a new 16-star world record with a time of 14:58:07.

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While KANNO had finally achieved the impressive goal he originally set out to accomplish, there were plenty of bumps in the road along the way.

With his entire speedrunning process being livestreamed — including time spent sleeping, eating, and while he was undergoing surgery on his ankle — KANNO ended up quitting his job so he could dedicate more time to conquering the 16-star world record.

There were plenty of incredible moments captured during the marathon, both inside the world of Super Mario 64 and in real-life, including an earthquake that jolted KANNO awake one night while he was sleeping.

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Despite his life being on display for over 3,000 hours, and going through a job change, an ankle surgery, and even an unexpected natural disaster, the Japanese streamer kept going and finally conquered the Super Mario 64 leaderboards.

Although many fans thought KANNO would take a break after claiming the 16-star speedrunning world record, it appears the streamer has no plans to slow down, and has already shared that he intends to tackle the 1-star world record next.

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At the time of writing, KANNO has been live for over 3,070 hours, and it seems he plans to keep his impressive livestream going while he tackles the next Super Mario 64 speedrunning world record.