Twitch streamer shatters Hype Train record again with 9k subs and over 1 million bits

Jeremy Gan
Twitch streamer shatters Hype Train record with 7k subs and nearly 2 million bits

Twitch streamer PirateSoftware has shattered the platform’s Hype Train record in a live stream not once, but twice, beating out Twitch giants for the title. 

Hype Trains on Twitch have long been a good way to visually track viewer donations, subs, and chat interactions all in one place. As a Twitch chat increases a Hype Train level, they too get more rewards, in addition to supporting their favorite streamer.

And when it comes to the highest Hype Train records on Twitch, most would envision Twitch superstars like Kai Cenat, or Germany’s biggest streamer, EliasN97, to hold the record. 

While both have indeed claimed the record at various points in time, with Kai gaining his record in 2022, and Elias beating Kai’s in May 2023, they’ve both since been eclipsed.

Twitch streamer and game developer, Jason Thor Hall, better known as the Game Director and founder of the indie game studio Pirate Software, just smashed the record.

In the 11th hour of a 13-hour broadcast on December 13, Thor beat Elias’ Hyper Train level of 51 by one level, a tremendous feat for any streamer to gain, especially for a channel of Pirate Software’s size. 

However, his chat didn’t stop at level 52, as they went on to donate more bits and Subs to get him to Level 55, a level Twitch has never seen before, all while amassing a whopping 7,321 Subs and 1,825,696 Bits.

“This is incredibly humbling and I cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done for me,” Thor wrote on Twitter about the milestone. “I only hope that what I do is even a fraction as valuable for you. Thank you.”

Twitch streamer breaks Hype Train record for second time in two days

And as Thor received donation after donation, even Twitch staff chimed in with a few bits to help him beat the record. So, it’s safe to say Thor will be holding this record for a while, especially considering that he’s already broken his own record just two days later.

This time around, Thor got to almost 10k subs, a record that’ll be even more difficult to beat.

“Two days after setting the World Record Hype Train on Twitch, the community has shattered it again,” he wrote. “This is absolutely wild. For the second time in a week I am humbled by you all. There are no words for how amazing you are.”

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