Ludwig shades Twitch while congratulating Kai Cenat for breaking sub record

Kai Cenat LudwigYouTube: Mogul Mail / Instagram: kaicenat

Kai Cenat has smashed the world record and gained the most concurrent subscribers on Twitch, and its previous holder, Ludwig, has congratulated him while throwing some shade the Amazon-owned platform.

Kai Cenat might seem an unlikely name to have trumped the all-time subscriber record on Twitch, as just only recently in April 2021 he was averaging 5,000 viewers. But his meteoric rise to the top shows a streamer who has captivated audiences, even being nominated for Streamer of the Year, and has won hearts all over the world. Now, his record-breaking Twitch subathon has proven this fact. 

We are now 27 days into Kai’s subathon, and in it he has crushed records. Becoming the first African American to hit 200,000 subs, then beating Ninja’s sub-record, before most recently surpassing Ludwig’s numbers to claim the very top spot. Keeping the momentum going, he’s since gone on to break the 300,000 subscriber mark as the most-subscribed streamer in Twitch history.

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Ludwig reacts to his sub record being broken by Kai Cenat

Ludwig congratulated the Twitch superstar for surpassing his record in a tweet. “Congrats to Kai Cenat for breaking the all-time subscriber record, very deserved,” he said.

But in the tweet, he decided to throw in a little jab at Twitch, where he said, “Twitch now pay the man before you lose another record breaker.”

Ludwig broke his sub-record on Twitch in his own historic 30-day subathon. But he eventually switched over to YouTube. Citing that YouTube paid better in comparison to Twitch and offered a better deal than what Twitch had. 

He also said he was never too attached to Twitch as a platform, even though he was known at some points in his Twitch career as “the golden boy of Twitch”. 

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And he seems to have issued Twitch a warning to pay what Kai has earned before he decides to jump ship to another streaming platform as well.

In a recent Mogul Mail video discussing the sub-record being broken, he joked with a sarcastic laugh, “he gets to keep the money, like I did.” Poking fun at the fact a good portion of his profits went to Twitch. 

And he said to Twitch directly, “It’s time to give the man the bag.”

He then read out Twitch’s congratulatory tweet, and said, “it’s really great to commemorate that in a tweet, but now pay the man Twitch.”

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“He has earned you the most money any human has ever earned you in a single month in Twitch history, time to give him a bag so he sticks around for the next couple of years” he explained.

Ludwig is not too broken up about his record being broken

But Ludwig is very happy for Kai to take his place. As he said in the video, “I do feel like Kai deserves it.”

“Just purely in the amount of work he put into what this subathon is” he continued. Ludwig admits his subathon was boring, and people were more interested in seeing the timer go down rather than him as a streamer. 

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Whereas, he feels Kai put more effort into his subathon in comparison. “If you watch any of the subathon, it was really well done. He rented out an entire mansion in Los Angeles, he had a camera operator 24/7 with different crews that would change the room he was in. And he had people producing and planning out content for every day of the 30 days.