Sykkuno embarrassed as autofill ruins Corpse Husband Jackbox rap battle

Corpse Husband's logo and Sykkuno next to each otherTwitter: Corpse Hubsand / YouTube: Sykkuno

Streamer Sykkuno was left red-faced during a round of Jackbox’s rap battle game ‘Mad Verse City’ after the autofill feature suggested some rather bizarre lines to complete his verses, along with Corpse Husband, Karl Jacobs, and GeorgeNotFound.

The rise of Among Us and the DreamSMP mean that countless creators have crossed path online in collaborations over the past year, forming friendships and streaming groups that fans have grown to love.

One friendship that viewers love to watch is that of Corpse Husband and Sykkuno – both of which experienced a huge boost in popularity amid the Among Us hype.

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They teamed up with fellow streamers Karl Jacobs and GeorgeNotFound to play a game of Jackbox’s rap battle game ‘Mad Verse City.’

Sykkuno at his stream setupSykkuno, Twitch
Sykkuno has become known for streaming games like Minecraft and Among Us.

Mad Verse City sees players write lyrics for a rap, and have robots read out the verses on the screen. However, if someone is feeling a little stuck and doesn’t know what to write, they’re able to request a suggestion or ‘Write for Me’ option which will autofill the line you’re missing. This also happens if you don’t finish writing in time.

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This can produce some rather funny sounding raps, as Sykkuno and his fellow streamers discovered.

When Sykkuno came up against Corpse Husband his rhyme ended up becoming, “if you hate me you’ll hate my fishnets/ they look good on apples so lets/ I’m so strong because I eat all my apples/ I only pretend to be friends with you.”

The last line naturally sends everyone on stream rolling, as Sykkuno protested in the background, “wait, I didn’t finish it so it auto-filled. I didn’t type that, it auto-fills when you don’t finish in time!”

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He also made another accidentally iconic verse when playing against Karl Jacobs, when the games auto-filled the final line of his turn to, “I will physically fight you” instead of “I like playing with you even when you’re imposter” which would have rhymed with the previous line, but he ran out of time.

He brought up the autofill on Twitter after the stream with a tweet saying, “I’m never letting it autofill again” in all caps.

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While the autofill may have caused Sykkuno to look unintentionally shady, it was hilarious for the other players and of course the viewers, who will no doubt be looking forward to the next time they play this chaotic game.