Twitch streamer attempts ‘transcendence’ to improve CSGO skills

A Counter-Strike skills to the next level by “transcending,” but the talent-boosting strategy didn’t work out exactly as planned.

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SqueeX15 was grinding away at CSGO during his October 20 broadcast when his viewer-suggested music switched on to a calming meditation track. 

The streamer soon realized he had an opportunity to enter a zen state, potentially changing the way that he was playing Valve’s first-person shooter, and maybe even grabbing a few extra round-wins with his ‘transcendent’ energy.

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“Relaxing music for meditation and sleep,” the calmed CSGO star said of his new music choice. “Holy s***, we’re transcending. We’re transcending guys, it feels like sleep, but you’re transcending. This is transcendent gameplay.”

As the soothing bars rolled out, the Twitch streamer seemed to lift with a renewed purpose, marching hopefully into the new round. Milliseconds later, Squee was obliterated with a single headshot off an entry frag, and was left shocked.

“F*** man! I’m so over this s*** game dude! I cannot do this… cut the music! We’re playing new music,” he said, switching his stream track from the soothing tones of his ‘transcendence’ music to a hardcore track by German music group Lindemann.

As the angry beats of ‘Ich weiß es nicht’ blared out across the next round, Squee decided that his soft-sided transcendent idea might not have been the best way to approach the CSGO grind, and changed his tune.

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“Are you guys happy, Is this what you want?” he asked, still fuming over his rapid-fire entry frag death from the early round. “Jesus dude. This is like that Joker movie now. Enough being completely obliterated in this game, time to mobilize my hatred.”

Unfortunately for Squee, that new approach didn’t seem to work too well either, as he was eliminated without landing a shot in the next round too, potentially proving that going too far into calmness or hatred isn’t going to make you better at CSGO.

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The budding Twitch streamer isn’t the only Counter-Strike player to let his emotions play out during a round recently either, with pro players and broadcast stars alike experiencing a spectrum of emotions in Valve’s flagship shooter.

Astralis superstar Emil ‘Magisk’ Reif let the smile shine after his insane play against Fnatic even shocked himself, while Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was left fuming after struggling to adapt to the game’s “confusing” keybinds.