CSGO fans criticize “disappointing” 20th anniversary content

Some Counter-Strike fans aren’t keen on the idea that all of the released content celebrating the 20th anniversary of Counter-Strike is community-created, and costly.

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A new weapons case and the official return of a remade map aren’t enough to celebrate 20 years of Counter-Strike, say fans of the series online.

Players say that the lack of content on the Valve side of things is disappointing, as all of the content released in the October 18th update comes directly from the community. FMPONE and Volcano, who are community members and not Valve employees, are responsible for the creation and remaking of Cache. 

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And all of the stickers and weapons in the new capsule and case are all community-created as well, with experienced, talented creators designing them.

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The new skins and stickers are certainly appreciated by fans, as they always are whenever a new case is released, but some fans just expected more for an anniversary this important.

In a Reddit post titled “Are you happy with CS20? I’m not and here’s why!”, user AutumnZH expressed why they think the amount of content isn’t enough, and why it’s not ideal for gamers who don’t want to spend more money.

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“So far from what I’ve seen, the only new free content for CS:GO released will be the reworked Cache, primarily done by FMPONE,” AutumnZH wrote. 

“Other than that, there’s really nothing else that I can think of. I won’t lie, the new skins are hella nice but for most players who don’t have a larger budget will never see these skins in their hands.”

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They described the return of the 1.6 classic knife as a “cash grab” and made comparisons against other popular games celebrating their anniversaries, such as Runescape and the ongoing League of Legends 10th anniversary celebration that give away significantly more content and rewards to its player base.

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Other users replied in agreement, with one user calling it “the most underwhelming anniversary” they’d seen playing online games for 15 years. Another commented that “most of the stuff done by the community” perfectly sums up CSGO, but that the anniversary event compared to the legacy of Counter-Strike is “underwhelming.”

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All is not lost, however, as Valve may have some surprises waiting. The official 20th anniversary is in November, a few weeks away, and certain game files and in-game coding might have revealed some major updates and changes coming to CSGO.

These leaks reveal the possibility of new maps, new missions, and new game modes among other things, and potentially these could all be released as part of the first Operation in two and half years, since Operation Hydra in 2017.

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