xQc loses his mind over Valve’s default CSGO keybinds

Popular CS:GO, hilariously comparing the in-game controls to Twister.

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Many of the top games often have default keybinds that can be changed to suit a player’s preference when they become more accustomed to the game.

However, when it came to playing Valve’s popular FPS, CS:GO, the former Overwatch pro lashed out at Valve after dying in-game, hilariously mocking their default keybind selection.

Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentThe former Overwatch star is not happy with CS:GO’s keybinds
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The Twitch star was playing on the classic map, Dust 2, when he found himself getting sniped after communicating with his team that his opponents had pushed out mid and used that as the reason for his death. 

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“I can’t, why does Valve put talking on ‘K’? Why as default?” he asked, before acting out how much he needs to stretch his fingers to play and communicate at the same time.

“I have to do a game of f**king Twister dude,” he explained, jokingly using his foot to help him reach the controls, “Sorry guys, I gotta use my comms.”

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After being told by his Twitch chat to simply change his keybinds, xQc fired back at his viewers using the example of a Honda Civic being sold to explain his side.

“That’s like if all Honda Civics started selling their cars and all of a sudden they decide to put wheels made of paper, paper wheels,” he expressed, comparing the questionable keybind to a car with no wheels.

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Many of his viewers questioned the popular streamers analogy, but xQc decided to continue playing the game out with the awkward keybind despite the discomfort it caused him.

Although he has had his share of tough games on CS:GO, the Twitch star is a huge fan of the FPS’ case openings and has even taken the time to open some mid-round in the past.