New CS:GO skins pay tribute to olofmeister, Stewie2k, n0thing, more

Daniel Cleary

CS:GO have announced a new weapon skin case for the 20th anniversary of the popular FPS title and it even includes tributes to some of the game’s top pro players.

As the 20th anniversary of counter-strike is approaching, Valve has decided to celebrate the occasion with a new weapon skin case for players to enjoy.

Counter-Strike is one of the longest standing esports and the new CS20 case pays tribute to some of the most iconic moments and players that have competed in the game’s two decades of history.

csgoThe full set of weapon skins from the CS20 Collection.

The CS20 case offers players the chance to acquire 17 different skins as well as a rare special item, which saw the return of the nostalgic Classic Knife for the anniversary case.

Valve also decided to nod towards some of the best plays that were made by pro players in recent years and even based some skins on Jake ‘Stewie2k’ Yip, Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert, and Olof ‘olofmeister’ Kajbjer.

The Stewie2k-inspired p250 skin, Inferno, highlighted his incredible clutch to bring his team to overtime against FaZe Clan during Cloud9’s win at the Boston Major.

The description reads, “But look at the time,” referring to commentator James Bardolph’s words during the intense play.

Veteran pro player olofmeister also managed to get a skin of his own in the CS20 collection, which was inspired by his iconic defuse in the flames of a Molotov during ESL One Cologne 2014.

The pattern on the weapon mirrors the in-game graffiti which has already made its appearance on Overpass, next to the B bombsite.

Former Cloud9 star Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert’s skin was surprisingly not based off one of his many highlights but rather on his skills out-of-game, noting his efforts in creating the hilarious Flashbang dance.

The Flash Out Tec-9 skin was based on the aesthetic of the current flashbang, with the description reading, “Regarding dance lessons with Jordan (n0thing).”

Many other skins in the collection also have tributes to other aspects of CS:GO and its culture with references to the classic “Rush B” command in the description on the Classic Crate skin.

One Reddit user has explained the meaning behind all of the new skins.

Other Counter-Strike maps such as Aztec and Assault have also inspired some of the skins in the CS20 collection.

The latest update has also seen the newly remade map Cache introduced to servers after much demand from fans.

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