Twitch streamer Asmongold gets trolled by "old-school Blizzard" in WoW Classic - Dexerto

Twitch streamer Asmongold gets trolled by "old-school Blizzard" in WoW Classic

Published: 21/May/2019 19:56

by Eli Becht


World of Warcraft Classic streamer Asmongold was hilariously trolled by Blizzard with them saying the beta was abruptly ending.

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WoW Classic has a lot of hype as it has just entered beta testing and many of the big streamers from Twitch have given it shot such as Sodapoppin, TimTheTatman and Asmongold.

Long-time World of Warcraft players are looking for a way to recapture that nostalgia of early WoW and it looks like Blizzard found an excellent way to deliver on that.

Asmongold - TwitchAsmongold, one of Twitch’s most consistent World of Warcraft streamers, is hyped up for the Classic release!
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Blizzard has a sense of humor

One thing players are noticing as they spend time in WoW Classic is that Blizzard developers are pretty common to run into.


However, they might not always have the best intentions, something Asmongold found out the hard way, causing him to have a mini-heart attack.

A developer revealed in a server message that the beta was over and all characters were being deleted. After the server expressed their disbelief, the developer revealed it was a joke and the realm was just restarting.

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Most of the interactions between Blizzard and players have been largely positive and it’s something the players are encouraging more of.

“See dude, this is the Blizzard that we remember right here,” said Asmongold. “That’s old-school Blizzard, I fucking love it man, they’re out here telling jokes. I love it.”



When does WoW Classic release?

While World of Warcraft Classic is in beta right now, it’s only available through invites that go by how long you have been subscribed to WoW. This means that unless you are a long-time player, you probably won’t have much success getting in.

If you’re waiting for the official release before jumping in, since the beta progress doesn’t carry over, then you’ll have to wait until August 27 for the official launch.