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Tfue begins losing YouTube subscribers following FaZe lawsuit drama

Published: 21/May/2019 10:36 Updated: 21/May/2019 10:53

by Matt Porter


The announcement of Turner ‘Fortnite Battle Royale pro, as subscribers begin to leave his channel in the aftermath of the lawsuit becoming public.

News broke of Tfue’s lawsuit first broke on May 20, with the streamer citing an “oppressive” contract as the reason behind the legal proceedings, alongside claims of being forced to take part in dangerous stunts and underage drinking.

Since then, FaZe Clan co-owner Ricky ‘FaZe Banks’ Banks has appeared in both an interview on Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem’s Drama Alert and a video directly addressing Tfue to give his side of what has become a bitter situation.

Instagram: FaZeTfue’s decision to sue FaZe Clan has rocked social media.

How many people are unsubscribing from Tfue’s YouTube channel, and why?

Since the reports of Tfue’s lawsuit against FaZe, the streamer has seen his subscribers start to go down for the first time since July 2018.

Since joining FaZe Clan back in April 2018, Tfue’s YouTube channel has seen incredible growth, sitting at less than 100,000 subscribers on the platform before the official announcement of his signing, before skyrocketing up to over 10 million subscribers in the year since.

SocialBladeTfue saw massive growth upon joining FaZe Clan.

The news of his legal action does appear to have had an affect on his social media following though. According to SocialBlade, his channel, which normally brings in around 12,000 new subscribers per day, has not only failed to bring in new viewers, but at time of writing has actually lost 12,000 subscribers in the hours following the massive news.

SocialbladeTfue has lost subscribers for the first time since July 2018.

It’s likely that the people unsubscribing from his channel are FaZe fans, who perhaps have taken Tfue’s decision to open legal proceedings against the organization as wrong, and have decided to remove their support from the streamer in the easiest way possible.

Tfue isn’t the only YouTuber to see subscribers leave their channel following drama, as beauty guru James Charles saw millions of fans leave his channel in support of Tati Westbrook during their feud.

For Tfue, the numbers leaving his channel have yet to reach the heights that James Charles saw, but it’s interesting to see people show their support for FaZe Clan by turning their backs on Tfue – someone who has arguably become the face of the world’s most popular game, Fortnite Battle Royale.

It’s also possible that it may not get any worse for Tfue, as despite his affiliation with FaZe Clan, he has built a reputation outside of the organization for his incredible gameplay, meaning many fans are likely to tune in and watch him no matter what team he represents.

The streamer has yet to release any sort of statement regarding the ongoing drama, but some fans have obviously chosen their side in the battle between the streamer and the legendary organization.


Tayler Holder slams claims he cheated on Sommer Ray with Charly Jordan

Published: 27/Oct/2020 2:37

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


TikTok star Tayler Holder has hit back at claims he cheated on Sommer Ray with Charly Jordan and maintained his innocence in a video that went viral on YouTube and Instagram.

Tayler Holder has been through a bit of a roller-coaster ride in recent months. It all started when he made a series of cryptic posts back in July that hinted towards a break-up with Sommer Ray. It kicked up quite a storm, and he confirmed the break-up not long after. 

Then, a little under three months later, rumors that he found a new flame with Charly Jordan began to circulate. The pair confirmed their relationship in an Instagram post of them sharing an intimate moment together.

However, their newfound spark didn’t sit well with Sommer Ray. Even though she said she was “happy for them,” she claimed Jordan lied about something, although it wasn’t clear what she was referring to.

Since then, people on social media have accused Holder of cheated on Ray with Jordan when they were still together. But before the drama reached boiling point, Tayler decided to nip it all in the bud.

Tayler Holder Sommer Ray Charly Jordan
Tayler Holder / Charly Jordan
Tayler Holder and Charly Jordan confirmed their relationship with this image.

Tayler Holder claims he never cheated on Sommer Ray

In a video titled, ‘A Message To Sommer Ray,’ Tayler denied that he ever cheated on her with Charly Jordan. “I’m just gonna hit the pinpoints because I don’t wanna make this like an ongoing thing,” he said. “I just wanna get to the point. I just wanna forget about this and I want to move on and be happy in my life.”

“I never cheated on Sommer,” he said.

“I never unfollowed Sommer. Sommer blocked me on countless occasions because of our personal problems that we were having. With that being said, whenever you block someone, it makes the other one unfollow you.”

Tayler Holder Sommer Ray Charly Jordan
The Hollywood Fix
Tayler Holder and Charly Jordan were caught having a ‘romantic lunch.’

“This is currently creating a lot of problems with my relationship and making my current girlfriend… feel a certain way and getting attacked a lot on the internet and… I’m just not gonna let that slide because I care a lot about her.”

He also addressed the comments Sommer Ray made about Charly Jordan being a liar. It seems like she was talking about the ‘romantic lunch’ he was accused of having with Charly Jordan.

“Nobody lied. That date that we were on was never a date,” he said. “That lunch was a business meeting for her and some other business people… it got canceled.

“She asked me and a few of my roommates we were with,” he added. “No-one wanted to come so I was like, sure… paparazzi happened to catch us there. It looked like we were on a date.”

Tayler Holder acknowledged the two of them ‘vibed’ and hung out more from that point onward. But he said it wasn’t the intention at all in the very beginning, and definitely wasn’t a date.

To wrap things up, he begged Sommer Ray to stop throwing him and Charly Jordan shade and move on. He also claimed the two of them were never friends before and met two times at most.

Tayler Holder Sommer Ray Charly Jordan
Instagram: @charlyjordan
Tayler Holder’s relationship with Charly Jordan has already been tested.

Many thought his words seemed genuine, but it hasn’t stopped people on social media from forming their own opinions. Some believe he did nothing wrong, while others think his explanation is a bit too convenient.

Then, of course, there’s a portion who think they’re all feeding into the drama in typical influencer fashion to stay in the headlines. Either way, it seems like Tayler Holder and Charly Jordan want to move on and bury the hatchet.

Time will tell whether Sommer Ray is willing to do the same.