Twitch streamer accidentally creates art after opening all his desktop files - Dexerto

Twitch streamer accidentally creates art after opening all his desktop files

Published: 14/Oct/2019 16:40 Updated: 14/Oct/2019 17:23

by Michael Gwilliam


A young streamer was in for quite a surprise when a bunch of new viewers showed up in his Twitch chat on October 13 and made him clean his desktop, accidentally causing the teen to open every file.

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Twitch streamer Pulsers told Dexerto that he was streaming and randomly had 20 viewers with xQc emotes show up in his chat. 

“They came from his discord looking for people to watch I guess and then they kept asking me to clean my desktop,” the 14-year-old said.

Twitch/pulsersxQc’s viewers wanted Pulsers to clean his desktop.
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Pulsers theorizes that xQc’s viewers were scrolling down the ‘Just Chatting’ category on the platform when they discovered his stream and decided to watch. They then proposed that the streamer clean up his desktop so it looked neater.


“I had a ton of icons and pictures on my desktop so there were too many icons and they wanted me to delete them so it would be clean and not super messy,” he said. “When I went to drag them into the trash bin I accidentally opened them all in streamlabs obs which cause them to all show up with the music.” 

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The result was a symphony of chaos with multiple images flashing on screen while a distorted version of George Michael’s ‘Careless Whisper’ played.

Everything from random photos to stream elements all popped up creating a really dynamic video all things considered. At the same time, Pulsers can be heard asking “what is happening” in the background, clearly confused by the sequence. 


Twitch/pulsersPulsers’ stream stalled out at this screen.
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In the end, the screen gets stalled at what appears to be his stream intro as his computer can’t handle everything going on at once.

However, the resulting hodgepodge was so cool, the streamer said he plans to use the clip as his YouTube intro for a new video and his stream for awhile. 

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For his part, Pulsers is soaking in his new fame as a clip of the event showed up on Reddit. The streamer was very happy to see that over one thousand people had viewed his Twitch shenanigans.

It just goes to show that sometimes amazing works of art are made completely by accident.