Destiny banned from Twitch after sharing personal information from data leak

destiny banned from twitchTwitch, Destiny

Well-known streamer Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnel has had his Twitch account suspended again after mentioning a Twitch employee’s email following a massive data leak. 

Destiny is a veteran streamer on the platform, and this isn’t the first time he’s gotten in trouble. The creator had his partnership removed in 2020 after it was said that he appeared to promote violence towards protesters.

During a stream on October 6, right after Twitch confirmed a massive security breach on its platform, the creator spoke about what he called an “unbannable” creator list.

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Destiny TwitchTwitch: Destiny
Destiny is a political streamer on

Destiny banned from Twitch

While watching VODs of the creator as he was offline, fans started to report on the creator’s subreddit that his channel had disappeared.

Many fans began coming up with theories to explain the sudden platform ban, but Reddit user Rinkeli shared this message that Destiny purportedly left in his website’s offline chat.

destiny message about banReddit, Rinkeli/
Destiny shared that his channel got suspended for sharing personal information

The streamer allegedly wrote: “My Twitch account just got suspended for sharing personal information…???”

Considering this message, many people brought up a part of his stream where he’d mentioned a leaked list of creators who are apparently unbannable on Twitch.

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This purported list shows several creators’ names alongside noted corporate emails of individuals to contact if they were found to be under violation of some sort. Destiny read one of the emails during the clip, and he believes that’s why he has received a ban.

He tweeted: “Are corporate emails that go initial.lastname@corporation really considered ‘private information’ lol what,” just after he mentioned on his website chat: “I would expect every domain email to be considered semi-public”

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If true, this would make Destiny the first Twitch streamer to be banned off of the platform for talking about leaked Twitch data.

It’s unknown how long the channel ban will be, so we’ll have to wait and see when or if he returns.

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