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Twitch’s new Brand Safety Score could reveal why Dr Disrespect was banned

Published: 10/Mar/2021 23:54 Updated: 11/Mar/2021 0:16

by Virginia Glaze


On March 9, it was revealed that Twitch is set to unroll a new feature for advertisers called the ‘Brand Safety Score,’ which rates the “safety” of all streamers to determine what ads, if any, can be played on their channel — a tool that may unravel one of the platform’s biggest mysteries, to date.

In summer 2020, the uber-popular streaming personality known as Dr Disrespect was hit with a sudden permanent ban from Twitch. As one of the platform’s most successful broadcasters, this news came as quite a shock to his fanbase, who were quick to ask for a reason behind his suspension.


Unfortunately, this reason was carefully obscured and ultimately not divulged by either party. To this day, Twitch has avoided stating the cause of Doc’s ban, and even went so far as to say that “no” news on the subject would be revealed in response to a fan’s question during a recent broadcast.

However, some users are speculating that the mystery behind Doc’s ban could be brought to light quite soon, thanks to Twitch’s new feature for advertisers.

Some Twitch users postulate that the ‘Brand Safety Score’ contains information that streamers might be able to request in areas like the EU and California, due to GDPR and CCPA.


What this means is that, if such speculation proves true, Dr Disrespect may be able to request what information, if any, about his channel resulted in  his permanent suspension from the platform.

It’s important to note, though, that all of this is mere speculation, and has yet to be verified by Twitch itself. Twitch has stated that “User privacy is critical on Twitch, and, as we refine this process, we will not pursue plans that compromise that priority.”

For now, fans are hopeful that the Doc will open up about the reason for his ban, although considering his past responses to the topic, this could also be equally unlikely.


Twitch’s ‘Brand Safety Score’ grades streamers on such elements as their stream rating, chat behavior, their ban history, and even their relationship with Twitch as a platform.

For now, it seems like Doc’s fans are still in the dark — and there’s no telling if any light will ever be shed on a puzzle that has flummoxed the entire internet for months.