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Twitch announce first ever European TwitchCon for 2019

Published: 21/Nov/2018 15:22 Updated: 21/Nov/2018 15:29

by Calum Patterson


Twitch is bringing it’s annual celebratory festival to Europe for the first time ever in 2019, as an additional event to the traditional California based convention held each year.

Following the conclusion of TwitchCon 2018 in San Jose, CA, Twitch says they “couldn’t wait a year to do it all again”, and so will be bringing the convention to Berlin on April 13-14, 2019.

The event will take place at the CityCube in the German capital, and is to be the same format as TwitchCon in the US, inviting streamers, fans, developers and commercial partners to celebrate everything that Twitch has to offer.

Bringing the convention across the pond has been a big request from European Twitch fans, but also streamers who perhaps can’t afford the time or money to make the trip to enjoy the festivities so far afield.

Content for the event will “tailored” for English, German and French, with subtitles and interpreters on hand when possible.

In the event FAQ’s, Twitch says the event will be “open to everyone”, despite Germany’s “strict age restrictions for gaming and gaming events” and they will be working closely with USK, the German regulator for video games classification.

Attendees are yet to be announced, but it is likely that a number of popular US based streamers will also make the trip, giving their European fans a better opportunity to meet them.

At the very least, it should avoid another mishap like when Swedish Twitch streamer ‘Jellyzaur’ accidentally travelled to the wrong San Jose (in Costa Rica), when attempting to attend TwitchCon 2018.

Dates for ticket sales have not been announced yet and pricing is not yet final, but Twitch aims to provide options such as one or two day passes.

Announcing TwitchCon Europe – April 13 – 14, 2019

With an amazing TwitchCon 2018 behind us, we just knew we couldn’t wait an entire year to do it all over again. 

So we’re not going to. 

In 2019, make room for a second TwitchCon! On 13-14 April, join us in taking over the CityCube Berlin in Germany for the first-ever TwitchCon Europe. It’ll be the same celebration of creators, fans, and everything else we love about Twitch — but much, much closer to our European community. 

Source: Twitch


YouTubers & influencers congratulate Halsey on pregnancy announcement

Published: 28/Jan/2021 0:45

by Theo Salaun


Singer-songwriter Halsey is pregnant – and social media, from influencers and YouTubers to countless fans, has lit up with congratulations for the beloved cultural sensation.

Ashley ‘Halsey’ Nicolette Frangipane is an American singer-songwriter with Grammy nominations, Billboard accolades and, above all else, a feverish social media following. Known for her activism and eclecticism, the musician has become a cultural icon with fans across the world.

That variety of fans is not restrained to just social media stans, either, as the singer has apparently amassed a ton of appreciation from fellow influencers. Some of the biggest names from YouTube and social media have popped up congratulating her, nestled between messages from the 36.9 million followers Halsey boasts throughout Instagram and Twitter. 

Posting a “surprise” Instagram carousel of baby bump pictures, the 26-year-old’s comment section is filled with verified check marks sending their love and joy. From established models (and fellow activists) like Emily Ratajkowski to YouTube superstars like James Charles, the support has been nothing short of overflowing.

In the replies to Halsey’s viral IG post, influencer Gabbie Hanna was joined by TikTok legend Addison Rae by sending an ecstatic “congratulations” message. Singer Olivia Rodrigo, whose “Drivers License” track has gone viral on TikTok, joined in too, but wasn’t satisfied with just one message.

In all caps (the pinnacle of excitement), Rodrigo sent a “YESSSS” before following up with a “SENDING U SO MUCH LOVE.”

Similarly uppercased, Charles chimed in with a reply that seems to concisely echo the sentiments shared by all of Halsey’s fans and friends: “CONGRATULATIONS AHHH.”

olivia rodrigo


Aside from being happy about the idea of a mini version of Halsey entering the world, close fans are likely well-aware of how meaningful the moment is for her. The singer has been candid about her past with infertility and her desire for a child, as a 2015 miscarriage prompted the song “More” on her Manic album.

In the wake of such a harrowing history with the desire to bear a child, the news of Halsey’s pregnancy is certainly cause for celebration. Caps-locked congratulations are most certainly in order and few, influencers and fans alike, have held back in rejoicing with the singer and her boyfriend, screenwriter Alev Aydin.

“More,” too, can now be played with added joy. Some of its more expressive lyrics take on a new dimension, as a foreseeing welcome to her baby: “And when you decide it’s your time to arrive, I’ve loved you for all of my life.”