Swedish TwitchCon attendee ends up in the wrong San Jose… in Costa Rica

Calum Patterson

A Swedish Twitch streamer attending TwitchCon 2018 made the longest trip possible to reach the California event, with a stopover in Costa Rica on the way.

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The streamer, who goes by ‘Jellyzaur’ on Twitch and social media, left for her trip on October 24, departing from Stockholm, but was in for a longer journey than anticipated.

Instead of getting on a plane headed for San Jose in California, she instead travelled to the capital city of Costa Rica, also called San Jose, over 5,000 kilometers south.

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According to Twitter posts, Jellyzaur reached San Jose in Costa Rica, on October 25, presumably only realizing her error when it was already too late.

When TwitchCon 2018’s location was announced, people were (somewhat jokingly) reminding everyone to ensure they booked flights and accommodation at the correct San Jose, not expecting anyone to actually make the blunder. 

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Jellyzaur got back on another flight, travelling to Panama – which she says she had never even heard of – before onwards to California.

Finally arriving in San Fransisco, only a day later than planned, and still in time for the main festivities at TwitchCon, Jellyzaur said it had been an “awesome experience”.

An unexpected and albeit brief exploration of Central America is more than any other TwitchCon attendees would have bargained for.

Late on October 26 however, another problem cropped up, as she was stuck in customs in San Fransisco (perhaps due to her irregular one day stopover in both Costa Rica and Panama), and may not be able to pick up her TwitchCon badge in time.

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Thankfully, the issues at customs were resolved, with Jellyzaur giving a final update on her incredible TwitchCon adventure, writing simply “I made it to the party!!!”.