Tubbo mysteriously banned from his own Twitch channel’s chat

Tubb banned from Twitch chatTwitch: Tubbo

Minecraft superstar and Twitch streamer Tubbo ran into one of the most bizarre tech problems on the platform, somehow managing to get banned from his own channel’s chat.

Tubbo was broadcasting a cooking stream alongside fellow Minecraft star’s Ranboo and 5up, while engaging with their tens of thousands of viewers in chat.

The trio has quickly become three of the most popular channels on Twitch, as we have seen an explosion of Minecraft YouTubers on the streaming platform.

But, somehow, things didn’t totally go to plan for Tubbo – who was inexplicably banned from his own chat.

Tubbo and 5up cooking streamTwitch: Tubo
Tubbo’s cooking stream was a big hit with his fans, joined by Ranboo and 5up.

Tubbo banned from Twitch chat

It’s not entirely clear how this is even possible, as the owner of a channel is surely the one person who could not under any circumstance be banned from their own chat.

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However, Tubbo even made sure to share his phone screen to confirm that he couldn’t even see what others were saying in the chat, as he was banned.

“Wait, what?” Tubbo exclaimed. “I just got banned from my own Twitch chat. ‘You are banned from chat. You are unable to participate unless a moderator unbans you'” he read.

One possible explanation is that a Twitch staff member, of which there were some watching at the time, has the power to ban Tubbo from his chat.

Thankfully, shortly after, he was unbanned, and able to participate in chat again.

And the stream itself was a massive success otherwise. Peaking at over 84,000 viewers, Tubbo streamed for just under four hours.

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Remarkably, Tubbo has gained over 4 million followers on Twitch in only a single year – numbers rivaled only by his friend Ranboo, who has gained 3.5 million.

These Minecraft creators don’t stream regularly either, but they draw in millions of fans wherever they go.