TSM streamer SolidFPS banned from New World for abusing exploit

Lawrence Scotti

Twitch streamer and TSM member SolidFPS was temporarily banned from New World after abusing two different exploits while live streaming on Twitch.

Amazon’s MMO New World dropped on September 28, and since then, players have found tons of glitches and exploits in the game.

While some of the glitches are more impactful than others, one bug exploit in particular that has resulted in a well-known Twitch streamer being banned from the game.

New World Amazon games cover
New World was released on September 28.

SolidFPS banned from New World

SolidFPS, a former pro-PUBG player turned Twitch streamer, was streaming New World on November 2 when he was struck with a full day-long ban.

The ban stems from an exploit he was using called animation canceling, which involves switching between two fire staff weapons in order to pump huge loads of damage into a boss by infinitely using abilities on it.

He used this exploit on stream, along with another trick of walking out of render distance of the boss his group was farming in order to trigger its respawn over and over again.

Just after farming the boss with the animation cancel exploit, Solid explained to a viewer why he was doing it. “Being efficient? Yeah, farming a boss that respawns is being efficient in terms of loot per hour. And in terms of damage output, fire staff animation canceling-”

Right when he was about to plain why he was abusing the animation canceling trick, he received his New World ban for “Cheating.”

Solid wasn’t exactly shocked that he received the ban, as he knew having used the exploits would lead to some form of punishment. It also didn’t help that he was live streaming using the exploits, with tons of eyes on him, somebody was bound to report him.

He addressed his ban in a tweet which mocked those who were outraged over his abuse of the animation canceling.

Animation canceling isn’t the only popular exploit in the game right now, however. Players who are abusing a new gold duplicating bug are also getting the ban hammer.

Hopefully, for New World players these bugs and glitches are eventually fixed so the game can be a more fluid experience.

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