New World bug is literally stealing gold from players while logged out

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A bug in New World has surfaced that is affecting players’ ability to get gold earned from selling items at the trading post.

New World released a brand-new patch on October 27 called update 1.04, which sought to take care of many of the game’s core issues, bugs, and exploits with a large emphasis on PvP problems.

But, just hours after the patch has gone live, many of the game’s 1.5 million daily players have already found a devastating new bug. Some reporting to have already lost over 10,000 gold because of it.

Here are all the details of the new trading post bug and how you can avoid your hard-earned gold getting stolen away from you.

New World trading post bug

A screenshot of a Settlement in New WorldAmazon Games
New World buyers and sellers beware of this latest thieving bug.

Early on October 28, the day after patch 1.04 went live, a new bug affecting the game’s auction house has surfaced.

The bug reportedly affects players that have sold things at the trading post. Currently, if a player makes a sell order, logs off, and the sell order goes through while they are offline, no payout is received.

Many players have tested this and attempted to find solutions but to no avail. For now, it appears that the gold is lost due to the bug, which means players need to be especially careful with what they list for sale.

A post on the New World subreddit pointing out the bug has blown up, netting over 3,000 upvotes just four hours after being uploaded. The OP claims to have tested and confirmed the root cause of the bug.

New World devs respond

Similarly, players have taken to the New World forums to discuss the issue, receiving confirmation from devs that “the team is aware of this issue and we’ll provide updates on getting this addressed.”

No timeline has been given for a solution to the issue. So, for now, players should make sure and cancel any sell orders prior to logging out in order to ensure they are paid for their items.

10/28/21 2:00 pm CST Update

New World devs have posted about the issue, with the game’s Twitter account linking to the dev post.

The dev team stated the following, per the official post:

“We are aware of issues regarding the trading post where players are not receiving the gold from their sales and being blocked by active contracts. We have identified a few root causes.

One that was introduced with our patch was players not receiving gold/items from completed sell/buy orders on the trading post while offline. We are currently testing a fix for this and will be deploying it as soon as we are confident. Players who encounter this issue WILL receive their missing gold/items when the fix goes live. At this time, this may block you from transferring servers.

Secondly, we are aware of a few states that will block players from transferring due to having active contracts, even though all of their contracts appear closed. The team is currently working on finding a fix for this issue and will be issuing item/coin refunds where appropriate.”

We will continue to provide updates on the status of the fix as they are made available. Hopefully, for those affected, this will come sooner rather than later.