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TSM Daequan almost “knocks out” Myth during VR boxing match

Published: 12/Dec/2019 0:38 Updated: 12/Dec/2019 0:44

by Virginia Glaze


TSM’s Daequan Loco nearly gave his teammate Ali “Myth” Kabbani a stone cold knockout, thanks to his antics during a heated session of a VR boxing game.

Fans of Daequan and Myth know the pair for their hilarious shenanigans, who are both under Team SoloMid as Fortnite streamers and content creators.

While the two are best known for their Fortnite streams, the two also delve into a variety of other games during their broadcasts – one of which, for Daequan, was a virtual reality boxing title called “Thrill of the Fight.”

tsm_daequan, InstagramTSM’s Daequan is a popular Fortnite streamer, known for his humorous on-camera antics.

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Daequan, who recently announced big plans for 2020 in wake of a sporadic year of content creation, donned his Oculus Rift headset and stepped into the digital ring, throwing jabs left and right in an attempt to down his virtual opponent.


However, it was during his game that Myth snuck into Daequan’s room, jokingly poking fun at his roommate by pretending to face off with him in front of the camera – all while Daequan was stuck inside the game.

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With Daequan unable to see Myth directly in front of him, he continued to whale away at his opponent, and nearly caught his housemate with a right hook in the process, who almost tumbled over the side of his bed after being knocked off balance by the near-blow.

Myth’s shocked expression paints a clear picture that he narrowly avoided catching an actual punch to the face – a fact that Daequan didn’t realize until a full day later.


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“I almost knocked out Myth IRL,” he wrote, publishing a clip from his stream to Twitter that Myth promptly retweeted.

Daequan’s return to Twitch streaming follows his heartfelt announcement a few days prior, where he opened up about the loss of family members and friends in his life, as well as dealing with health issues, which hampered his ability to stream.

Now, the content creator is looking forward to a successful 2020 – although we hope he doesn’t end up knocking out any of his teammates, in the interim.