IRL streamer terrified after being threatened by man wielding a knife

Twitch: gogirl_tv

An IRL broadcast in Cape Town, Africa quickly turned dangerous when a man wielding a knife threatened the streamer’s party, and stole their camera. 

The unpredictable nature of IRL streams make them as real as it gets, as personalities take their audience with them outdoors where anything can happen at any moment.

On streamer learned this the hard way, when their walk around Cape Town, Africa was interrupted by a knife-wielding thief who turned the adventure into a terrifying situation.

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Instagram: @thisisgogirlThe Twitch personality does IRL streams in South Africa.

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IRL streamer ‘gogirl_tv’ had just rounded a street corner with her party when a man in a green hoodie appeared on screen from out of nowhere, and start to walk directly into them. “Don’t move!” he screamed.

He then pushed to the back of the group, where a man with a camera around his neck shouted “What do you want?!” repeatedly, before the attacker rushed him and grabbed for the camera.

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After the two began to tussle, the thief broke free with the camera and showed him a knife, yelling, “Look here at the knife! I will stab you!” He then took off with the stolen item. “Are you f**king kidding me!?” the streamer exclaimed in disbelief.

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The terrifying incident didn’t end there, as the streaming party chased after their attacker to try to get the stolen camera back. Much to their surprise, he was caught by security.

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“That’s amazing that they found him, man!” the streamer exclaimed, as they made their way down the street on foot to catch up with the attacker who had now been detained.

As they approached the law enforcement agent who held their camera, they explained, “That’s ours, we just got mugged by this guy!” before the man finally relinquished the device back to them.

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Thankfully no one was hurt in the mugging, and the streaming party ended up getting back the camera that had been stolen from them during the violent encounter.

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However, the scary incident served as proof at how dangerous IRL streams can suddenly become, given the unexpected nature of broadcasting in the real world.

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