Fortnite star TSM Daequan announces big plans for 2020

TSM Daequan

Fortnite streamer Daequan ‘Daequan’ Loco has released a detailed statement regarding his future, following a spate of absences from streaming due to ill health and other personal reasons. 

Fans of TSM Daequan will have grown accustomed to daily YouTube uploads and regular, lengthy Twitch streams, in which the 25-year-old provided impressive Fortnite gameplay alongside hilarious commentary. 

However, across the latter parts of 2019, YouTube uploads grew to be irregular and Twitch streams were sporadic at best. The TSM star provided numerous explanations for these changes, citing ill health and other personal reasons. 

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Hamlinz, Myth and Daequan are a trio on TSM.

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On December 6, he released a statement explaining his determination to make 2020 his year, and relaying his frustrations with how difficult he found the later stages of 2019.

“I went through so much b.s. this year and I learned so much from it all but I hate how this year went for me,” his statement says. “Not only because of all the unfortunate things that happened. I’m disappointed in myself in terms of how much I streamed, I hate how I haven’t posted much to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram.”

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He explains that it was down to prioritizing his own physical and mental health, and the wellbeing of those around him, namely his girlfriend and editor, Exie. 

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Despite his struggles, Loco states that he will use the past year as motivation for 2020. “I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things as 2019 winds down,” the statement reads. “I will be in 100% full swing of things January 2020, and that year is gonna be MY YEAR.” 

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Daequan describes himself as both a “hustler” and “grinder”; unsurprising given his record with daily uploads and consistent Twitch streams. 

“I just wanna thank all of you for being so patient and waiting on me to get my sh*t together,” he concludes. “You guys are a blessing to me and words can’t express how genuinely appreciative I am. I love you. Thanks again.”

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The video above was released in September, and saw Daequan go in-depth on a number of the issues he had been experiencing over 2019. 

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Apart from a few uploads on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, his YouTube channel has laid more or less dormant for the past 6 months. 

Here’s hoping we see Daequan back to his best during 2020. 

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