Trisha Paytas flees from “creepy” stranger filming her car

Virginia Glaze. Last updated: Oct 13, 2021
Trisha Paytas harassed by stranger trying to film her in car
YouTube: blndsundoll4mj

YouTube star Trisha Paytas was in the middle of filming a TikTok inside her car when she was approached by a stranger who kept following her as she drove away, even after being asked to leave her alone.

Trisha Paytas is known for filming in several different settings for her videos, one of which is inside her vehicle. The influencer often speaks candidly to her fans while chowing down on some drive-through meals, which is exactly what she was trying to do while filming a recent TikTok.

Unfortunately for Paytas, her presence caught the attention of a bystander, who took out his phone and tapped on her door in an attempt to get her to film a video for his child.

Paytas was clearly not in the mood to collaborate and asked him to leave — but he continued to record, even as she pulled out of her parking spot and made to exit the restaurant’s parking lot.

Trisha Paytas in her car
YouTube: blndsundoll4mj
Trisha Paytas often films videos inside her car.

“Seriously, if you come knocking on my door!” she exclaimed. “Like, it’s so creepy! And then to demand that I talk to your kid? It is a man on a phone saying, ‘Roll down your window! Roll down your window!’ I won’t do it! It’s not right, it’s not cool.”

Paytas captioned the video: “This harassment is not okay. Outside my car, you can say hi to me. When I’m inside my car, it’s the same as being inside my home. It’s a huge boundary that is crossed.”

Paytas uploaded another video further clarifying the situation, calling the ordeal “terrifying” and claiming that the stranger was “mocking” her while making his request.

The YouTuber even claimed that the stranger followed her in his car while she was driving on the freeway, and alleged that he was yelling such statements to her as: “Oh, you’re too good!”

“Now I’m scared to go home because this dude knows my car,” she admitted. “He’s in my area. If your dad was in an Arby’s at Thousand Oaks at 3 PM, your dad is a piece of ****.”

This is far from the first time an influencer has been harangued by a total stranger, but Trisha’s latest run-in with an allegedly belligerent bystander is sparking a conversation across social media about respecting the privacy of the internet famous.

Some fans might feel a certain “closeness” to YouTubers after watching videos and vlogs, but these interactions aren’t always welcome, nevertheless.