David Dobrik left terrified after superfan breaks into his house with Door Dash meal

David Dobrik stunned after fan breaks in to deliver Door DashFreepik.com - 8Photo / New VIEWS Podcast Highlights, YouTube

YouTube star David Dobrik was left frightened for his life after a fan broke into his bedroom to deliver a Door Dash meal that had been left on his doorstep.

The life of an internet star seems like a charmed one; gaining thousands of dedicated fans and raking in the big bucks with sponsorship deals doesn’t sound too bad, after all.

Unfortunately, this dream job comes with some pretty severe drawbacks, one of those being regular and severe invasions of influencers’ personal privacy.

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David Dobrik is one such superstar whose privacy has been breached numerous times, with a slew of overenthusiastic fans showing up to his house unbidden.


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On a January 12 episode of his VIEWS podcast with Jason Nash, Dobrik revealed yet another major invasion of his personal space — and this time, it was more frightening than ever before.

Dobrik claimed that he and his assistant had ordered food over Door Dash one morning, just after he had woken up. While he was still laying in bed, a stranger came into his bedroom with the food some time later — and it wasn’t his delivery driver.

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“He wasn’t our Door Dasher,” Dobrik explained. “He was just some kid who had picked up our food from our doorstep and came into my room to deliver it to me.”

Fan breaks into David Dobrik's home to deliver door dashUnsplash, Griffin Woolridge
According to Dobrik, an overly-enthusiastic fan broke into his bedroom with the intent of bringing him his Door Dash order.

According to Dobrik’s assistant, she’d seen the stranger outside of their home before he broke in and had asked him to leave.

Although the two walked him out of the house and ordered him an Uber home, the fan showed back up later that day, wearing a hoodie with his hands concealed inside its front pocket.

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“‘Put your hands where I can see them!’ I kept screaming at him,” Dobrik said. “And he wasn’t. I was like, ‘We’re calling the police.’ …I thought he was going to shoot me in the head. Honestly.”

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Luckily, the police showed up soon after to take the fan away — but this is far from the first time such occurrences have happened to Dobrik, with one fan scrawling messages on his assistant’s car and another leaving an entire kitten on his doorstep.

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No matter how you may view them, influencers are people, too, and deserve their privacy, with Dobrik’s latest encounter being just one of hundreds of such occurrences to happen to content creators the world over.

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