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Trisha Paytas fires back at “scary” Gabbie Hanna in heated feud

Published: 12/Sep/2020 16:29

by wpengine


YouTuber Gabbie Hanna has announced that she will be releasing a song on September 25th – a song that she describes as being “kind of a diss track” about fellow YouTuber and influencer Trisha Paytas.

It has been just three weeks since Hanna dramatically returned to YouTube after six-week hiatus, but it hasn’t taken long for her to be embroiled in new controversies.


In a 46-minute video discussing her return to YouTube, she mentioned that she would soon be releasing the first single from her album, which she described as being “written about Trisha Paytas for Trisha Paytas.”

Youtube: TheGabbieShow
Gabbie Hanna explained her hiatus in a lengthy YouTube video last month.

Paytas and Hanna have a long history of bad blood, with the former accusing Hanna of harassment back in November 2019 after she allegedly told Paytas’ boyfriend that she had herpes.


Now, in what is seemingly an intensification of this feud, Hanna expanded upon her first single in an interview with Keemstar.

Although she maintains that the song was originally written for Paytas and “doesn’t come from a place of hate”, she admitted in the interview that the song “sounds like a diss track”.

Of course, the Twittersphere responded to this latest move with great enthusiasm.


One user pointed out how Hanna’s recent claims of being “done with the drama” are somewhat contradictory given she is making a whole diss track about another YouTuber, while another suggested that Paytas gets even by unveiling her own diss track… Now that we’d love to see.


Trisha Paytas responds to “diss track”

It didn’t take Trisha Paytas long to make her feelings known on this peculiar step in Gabbie Hanna’s music career.

Taking to Twitter, Paytas tells Hanna to “enjoy her s****y song” and to “please visit a psych ward after”. She also reaffirmed her desire to have “zero association” with Hanna.


In (a slightly puzzling) response, Hanna assured Paytas that the song would “embody [her] in a really powerful way” and offered to give her a preview of the music video.

Meanwhile, Paytas compiled an explosive thread containing numerous allegations against Hanna, accusing her of lying about being assaulted and calling her a “r**e apologist” amongst other things.


With Hanna seemingly sticking to her guns about this song – which she promised to release alongside an “awesome music video” – it seems like this feud is far from over.


xQc joins Luminosity Gaming in lead-up to Rising Stars event

Published: 1/Oct/2020 21:11

by Alan Bernal


Twitch variety stream star Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has signed with Luminosity Gaming ahead of the org’s Rising Stars challenge, in which the former Overwatch pro will join the event’s panel of influencer judges.

LG already has an army of content creators in its payroll including the likes of LosPollos, Anomaly, ShivFPS, LEGENDALEY, and more. But the team is now going to add one of the biggest streamers on Twitch to bolster its lineup.


The last team xQc took part of was the Gladiators’ academy team as a substitute tank before the org disbanded the project after two years in the Overwatch Contenders league. Before that, he had a troubled spell on the Dallas Fuel in 2018 before he took a step back from professional play.

But now the 24-year-old Canadian will take part in the LG legacy as a content creator, and will even help usher in the next streaming star for his brand new org.

xQc Twitch
The new LG star is going to participate in the Rising Stars challenge as a celebrity judge.

xQc to judge LG’s Rising Stars

One of xQc’s first tasks under his new banner will be to help LG sift through 40 contestants in the Rising Stars challenge that welcomes anyone to apply for a chance to win.

Streamers made up of the new signee, Muselk, Fresh, RockyNoHands, and a lot more, will decide who gets the $100,000 sponsorship from LG – that is, if they can impress the judges in their live auditions over Twitch.

As one of the most lively entertainers on the platform, xQc will be able to pull from a wealth of knowledge on what makes Twitch Chat tic.


Whoever is crowned as the next LG Rising Star will get a one-year contract to join xQc and the rest of the content creators on the org’s roster.

Before officially announcing the addition, signs of xQc joining LG was widely reported after The Hollywood Reporter passively mentioned him as a part of the team’s content team.

But now that he’s fully one the squad, people will be able to look forward to more antics from the boisterous streamer, only this time it’ll be sponsored by one of the most recognized orgs in streaming.