Trainwreck’s new mental healthcare program offers free therapy services to viewers

Trainwreck mental healthcare program headerTwitch: Tranwreckstv

Popular Twitch streamer Trainwreck has announced the launch of a new mental healthcare project called the Community Care Program. The program has been developed in partnership with the organization Rise Above The Disorder and will provide free therapy services to his community members through Discord.

Since he began streaming in 2014, TrainwrecksTV has amassed a mega following on Twitch nearly 2 million.

As he has grown in popularity, Trainwreck has begun using his platform to raise awareness for important social issues like mental health. He has also been extremely generous with providing money and financial support to his fans — and now he’s adding mental health support to that list.

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The Community Care Program is a new initiative by Rise Above The Disorder (RAD). It will allow streamers to give back to their communities by providing them with the opportunity to access free mental health services. Even those who are unable to afford health insurance or mental health services will have access to the program.

In April 2022, he revealed his plans to invest in a mental healthcare fund for his community. Now in July 2022, the program has been unveiled. Trainwreck is one of the first to jump on board with this new initiative, donating $350K towards it. According to the announcement, this will equate to roughly 12,000 therapy sessions.

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The initial announcement was made on the Rise Above The Disorder Twitter page. “Together, we eliminate the major barriers surrounding therapy: cost and ease of access,” it says.

As a result, those who follow Trainwreck and are a part of his community will now have access to professional mental health care through Rise Above The Disorder; regardless of cost, location, or insurance.

What services are being provided through the program?

The program will launch a new 24/7 Discord bot, with Twitch and YouTube Bots reportedly in the works also. Community members can message the bot for assistance. They will then be privately and securely connected to mental health professionals at Rise Above The Disorder. 

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The bot will connect directly to the organization and let them know which member from the community is requesting therapy. This will allow them to track funds received from the creator once the member is enrolled and receiving therapy.

Moderators can also react to messages they’re concerned about. The bot then logs the message and sends it to Rise Above The Disorder’s mental health professionals for support.

How will community members be able to access this support?

On his Twitter, Trainwreck has linked a page that includes all the details on how to get invovled with the program. As well as this, the link also gives users the chance to ask further questions if in need of clarification.

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For community members seeking out assistance through the Community Care Program, the process is simple. The first thing to do is to message Discord both and request a link for the company’s scheduling platform.

From there, you’ll speak to a licensed professional at Rise Above the Disorder. They will then match you with a therapist to help address and work through the personal struggles of the community member reaching out.

Trainwreck is the first content creator to partner with the the new mental healthcare program. However, he encourages other streamers to get involved.

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