Top 7 moments from Ninja’s New Year’s Eve Fortnite stream from Times Square

David Purcell
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After Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ New Year’s Eve event in New York came to a close, we thought we’d look back at the good, bad and the ugly from the rainy night in the city that never sleeps.

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The popular Twitch streamer hosted a night jam-packed with Fortnite kills and Victory Royales as his team worked together to entertain the thousands who stood in Times Square to take part in the event. 

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One young stream sniper was hilariously put to the sword during the event, too, with the video of the unsuccessful attempt going viral since the event concluded. 

Anyway, let’s take a look at our top seven moments.

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Neymar Jr. 

Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr. took time from his busy schedule for Paris Saint Germain to join Ninja during his livestream, where the pair both shared a moment to appreciate each other’s headbands. 

More and more established stars are now getting involved in gaming and we’ve seen the former Champions League winner become more and more active in that regard in recent months – bringing streamers like Ninja and others to the mainstream. 

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TimTheTatMan’s elimination

In what was one of the funniest moments of the event, TimTheTatMan stopped playing Fortnite for a moment and said: “I didn’t want to do this to you, but I’m going to have to do it. Last game”.  

Not knowing what to expect, NInja just looked back at his teammate. As soon as he started to do the ‘Take the L’ dance in front of Ninja, he was struck down by a bullet and screamed: “Oh my god. You actually let me die!”, which sent Blevins into uncontrollable laughter. 

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Squad Dabbing

As Ninja set up a quad cam for his entire Fortnite squad, which consisted of DrLupo, CouRage and TimTheTatMan, they all came together to complete a dab.

The Twitch user, ETurns, who clipped this moment named the video: “No emote can express how much I’m cringing”. Well, that might just sum this one up for you. 

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Loot Lake 

In what was one of the more impressive plays during the NYE event, the streamer approached a team who had built up pretty high near Loot Lake. 

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Well, their building didn’t help them much once Ninja arrived on the scene, as he used a Heavy Assault Rifle and Clinger to brush aside a whole squad in a matter of seconds. This took him up to 11 kills in the game, at the time. 

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Sniped on a zipline

This clip is a little different to the last. Actually, very different. 

Ninja had played his way through the game very well and looked very likely to be soon picking up a Victory Royale, after he had a total of 15 kills with just 13 players remaining. 

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Having taken the decision to use a zipline to travel around, Ninja was sniped by Zenith [260] from 73m to seal his squad’s exit from the game and he looked devastated. 

Refusing to Floss

Now, we’ve already covered this story, but it’s impossible for us not to mention that Ninja failed spectacularly in his attempt to get everybody in Times Square to do the Floss dance. 

The fans in the audience just didn’t look in the mood for dancing after spending hours standing in the rain, which sealed a pretty embarrassing moment for the streamer. 

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Showing New York how it’s done

After the miserable failed attempt to get New York fans Flossing in the pouring down rain, Ninja showed them how it’s done as he danced alongside a woman in a reindeer costume. 

He said: “This is it! This is what Times Square should have done but didn’t do!” 

If you think that we’ve missed any of the best moments, tweet us your suggestions @Dexerto and remember to keep tabs on our Fortnite page for all of the breaking news involving both Ninja and the popular battle royale game in the future. 

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