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Ninja’s plan to get New York flossing failed spectacularly during his New Year’s Eve stream

Published: 1/Jan/2019 9:33 Updated: 1/Jan/2019 9:35

by Mike Kent


The ‘Ninja x Twitch’ New Year’s Eve stream from the center of Times Square, New York, was one of the most talked about broadcasts of the year, for both good and bad reasons.

The huge event involving the gaming world’s biggest personality took place across a 12 hour period, from 4pm to 4am, live from a building in the center of New York’s Times Square.

The high profile event had drawn criticism in the lead up to the show after Twitch began playing advertisements for the event on other streamers channels, leading to major personalities including Dr DisRespect demanding they were stopped. Twitch removed the ads following the backlash.

However, once the event came around, hundreds of thousands tuned in to watch Ninja play Fortnite alongside the squad of Courage, TimTheTatMan and DrLupo.

The quad were also joined by a number of special guests, including other streamers, celebrities, friends and their families.

Image Credit:, TimTheTatMan, Ninja and CourageJD

Unfortunately for Ninja, despite the roaring success of the event, it looks as though one particularly awkward moment could steal the limelight, after an attempt to get New York’s Times Square crowd to dance didn’t go to plan.

During an outside segment that featured Ninja being drenched head to toe due to the weather, he failed spectacularly at making the huge crowd in New York to do Floss dance.

The clip quickly went viral across social media and Twitch’s one clipping system, amassing over 250,000 views in a matter of hours.

Thankfully it appears Ninja was willing to embrace the fail, posting on Twitter with a word of advice on the situation.

The Illinois native also laughed about the subject on stream while discussing with DrLupo how bad the weather was outside.

Despite being unable to get a million New Yorkers to floss, Ninja can safely say that the last 365 has been his most successful from a career point of view, going from a mid-level streamer to the biggest gaming personality in the world, amassing both considerable fame and wealth in the process.


Fans rally as Sykkuno, Dream, and more are snubbed by Twitter Verified

Published: 3/Dec/2020 11:44

by Georgina Smith


On December 2, Twitter rolled out a huge mass verification, where many accounts of top gamers, streaming personalities and more were finally verified after a rather long wait. But some fans were left frustrated when Twitter seemed to gloss over popular creators like Sykkuno, Dream, and CallMeCarson.

Verification on Twitter is often regarded as a huge achievement for rising creators. That little blue tick is generally a marker that someone is making it big, leading to frequent campaigns led by fans for their favorite creators to be granted verified status.

Twitter decided to grant several wishes all at once on December 2 when they verified a huge number of accounts in one go. One such account was that of Corpse Husband, a YouTuber who has been on the platform for a few years, but experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity this year following the Among Us hype.

Corpse husband in interview
AnthonyPadilla, YouTube
Corpse Husband is a wildly popular YouTuber who skyrocketed to fame for his Among Us content, although he also narrates True Horror stories and creates music.

But not everyone was celebrating, as among the chaos of fans and creators rejoicing at their new-found verification, some big names were left behind.

Popular streamer Sykkuno trended on the site with the hashtag ‘VerifySykkuno’ as fans vented their frustration about the snub. “Do it, he deserves it,” one fan wrote.

Screenshot showing VerifySykkuno trending on Twitter

Fellow streamer Valkyrae tweeted a message in support of the internet campaign, which Sykkuno even retweeted from his account.

Other popular creators that found themselves snubbed by the Twitter Verified account included Minecraft YouTuber Dream, and comedy YouTuber CallMeCarson, who each tweeted their own tongue-in-cheek messages calling out Twitter.

Amid the disarray, instead of verifying YouTuber Karl Jacobs’ account, they accidentally verified the wrong Karl Jacobs with just 200 followers, leading to an onslaught of replies from fellow creators finding the bizarre situation hilarious, including Mr Beast.

While this was one of the biggest verification sprees recently, there is no doubt that another one will be right around the corner.

Fans of the huge creators who were snubbed this time around may be in for a slightly longer wait, but with creators like Corpse Husband getting that coveted blue tick, people are getting their hopes up for the next line of verified creators.