Young kid tries to stream snipe Ninja during NYE event and fails miserably

Calum Patterson

Top Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is often the target of ‘stream sniping’, but these pesky opponents aren’t always successful.

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During his New Year’s Eve event, streamed live from Times Square, New York, Ninja was being targeted by these ‘stream snipers’ more than usual, with all eyes on him.

Stream snipers are players who watch a popular streamer to see where they are in game, and attempt to find them in a match and seek them out, typically to eliminate them.

Twitter / @NinjaNinja was streaming live from Times Square on New Year’s eve.
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One such player even had the audacity to stream his attempts at targeting Ninja on Twitch – a bannable offense on the platform.

Going by the name ‘Boxdy’, the player even had his Twitch username in his in-game name, but since Ninja was playing in ‘streamer mode’, Boxdy’s name would not appear on screen if he eliminated Ninja.

However, despite knowing Ninja’s exact location on the map, and using a plane to get there in moments, Ninja’s skill and building ability proved too much for the young player.

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Ninja had earlier expressed in his stream that he was constantly being targeted by players with ‘Twitch’ in their name, presumably meaning that they too were stream snipers.

However, Ninja is now often hesitant to accuse opponents of stream sniping, after he found himself in some controversy by falsely accusing a player and demanding that Epic ban them, despite having no evidence that he had in fact been ‘sniped’.

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