Tony Lopez involved in car accident minutes after tweeting he was drunk

Tony Lopez Drunk Car CrashTony Lopez

Tony Lopez has been involved in a car accident minutes after tweeting he was drunk, and interestingly enough, he pointed the finger at the other driver, who he claimed was also drunk.

Tony Lopez has been involved in a fair share of controversy in recent times. He’s been accused of texting and grooming underage girls, which he vaguely addressed.

There were even rumors floating around that he died in a fatal car crash, which ended up being fake news

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However, if his latest series of tweets are anything to go by, it seems like he’s been involved in a car crash for real this time. To make matters worse, it happened minutes after he tweeted he was drunk.

“I’m drunk not even gonna lie,” he wrote. It followed a series of odd tweets and even an emote that more or less confirm his statement.

However, he tweeted again minutes later, claiming he had been involved in an accident and the other driver was to blame. He also heeded a warning, telling others to not drink and drive, despite seemingly doing it himself.

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“A drunk driver crashed into me in vegas,” he said. “DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!”

Many fans and followers expressed their concern for his safety. However, others were quick to point out that he claimed he was drunk minutes earlier. This sparked a debate, with some bringing up his past misdemeanors.

Funnily enough, he posted another tweet an hour later and completely changed the topic. “What if I made music?” he said.

There has been no additional evidence on what actually happened, or who was to blame. Still, it’s not a good look, especially considering he bragged about being drunk minutes before it happened.

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Either way, the incident has made Tony Lopez a talking point once again. In the end, no matter how people feel about him and his past accusations, many were relieved to know he was safe and unharmed.

In spite of all the controversy and drama, Tony Lopez still has a little under 23 million followers and a billion likes on TikTok.

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