Tommy Fury still desperate to fight Jake Paul: “You pick the place”

Connor Bennett
Tommy Fury and Jake Paul side-by-side talking to camera

Tommy Fury believes that a fight between himself and Jake Paul has to happen, and he’s willing to fight anywhere in the world so that they can settle their score.

Amid years of back and forth on social media, sending plenty of barbs at each other, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have tried to schedule a fight on two separate occasions now – but both have fallen through at the last minute.

The first fight, which was supposed to happen at the end of 2021, was shelved due to an injury that Tommy picked up late in training camp. When a second date was rearranged, the Brit was unable to travel to the United States to take part in a pre-fight press conference with Jake.

As both fights have been canceled due to problems on his part, Tommy’s camp has stated that they’re “unsure” if a fight will ever happen at this point, but the Brit is convinced he and Jake have to fight at some point.

Tommy Fury still wants Jake Paul fight

The undefeated heavyweight was quizzed about the rivalry by VIPBoxingPromotions, as he told the YouTube channel that things are “too far gone” for a fight between the pair to not happen.

“In this game, you need a good dance partner and I can’t say it any fairer than this, I will fight you in any single place in this world,” Tommy said. “You don’t have to come to England, I’ll fight you in Canada next to America, I’m not bothered.”

The 23-year-old stated that his team are trying to “sort out” his travel troubles so that he can enter the United States, and that’s why he’s still leaving it on the table as an option.

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“Hopefully we can get it resolved and I can go to America and fight him, but if I can’t, I’ll fight him anywhere else in the world. I can’t say it fairer than that. What more can I say? I’ll fight him anywhere else on the planet, you pick, not bothered and I’ll be there,” he added, putting the onus on Jake.

As we’ve seen, the YouTuber-turned-boxer isn’t fighting this summer, but there have been talks about a fight in October. Though, who knows who that would be against.

Jake has also agreed to fight KSI at some point in 2023, which would put an end to their longtime feud. So, we’ll have to wait and see if he’ll settle two scores in quick succession.