Jake Paul bashes “delusional” Tommy Fury over boxing record ahead of grudge match

Tommy Fury next to Jake PaulIG: Tommy Fury / Jake Paul

Jake Paul has claimed that Tommy Fury is “delusional” and has “never fought anybody” ahead of their February 26 boxing grudge match, promising to knock the British fighter out. 

Jake Paul versus Tommy Fury is set to be arguably the biggest night in the history of influencer boxing. 

The Brit, half-brother to heavyweight king Tyson Fury, will look to prove his boxing pedigree has put him levels above Jake Paul, whose transition from YouTuber to fighter continues to take people by surprise. 

It’s been a war of words ahead of the February 26 fight, with both men claiming they’ll emerge comfortable victors and humiliate the other in Saudi Arabia. 

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We’ve seen Tommy vow to retire if he loses to Paul, while Paul has described his opponent as not a “serious fighter”. Now, he’s thrown more shots at Fury and his boxing record to this point, claiming the Brit is “delusional”.  

Tommy Fury is “delusional” and has “never fought anybody”, Jake Paul claims

In an interview with BT Sport, Jake Paul argued that all of Tommy’s opponents to this point have been “put in there to lose” and that Fury is delusional as a result. 

“I think he’s a bit delusional with his confidence. Which can be a good weapon for you if you’re just so overly confident that you just believe you’re gonna beat everybody. That’s worked for him thus far. But when he gets in there with me it’s gonna be a different story. 

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“I’m faster, better defence, better head movement, better body shots, more power, better footwork, better chin, more heart, more cardio. He hasn’t even been eight rounds. I’ve been eight rounds with two different people who are both world champions. Who are dogs.” 

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He went on to claim that all of Fury’s opponents to this point have been plucked “off the street”. 

“He’s never fought anybody,” Jake finished. “The combined record of his opponents is like 25 wins and 200-something losses. They’ve all been put in there to lose. It’s gonna be a rude awakening for him when he’s in there with someone who has a killer mindset and is willing to die to win the fight.”

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The bout will take place on February 26, with ring walks expected around 1:30 pm PST / 4:30 pm EST / 9:30 pm GMT.