TikTokers slam ‘Boyfriend Haul’ trend videos for using racist terms

TikTok trend accused of racismTIKTOK: xiandivyne

Some videos in the viral ‘Boyfriend Haul’ trend have been accused of racism by TikTokers, who have claimed it involves the use of racist terms.

TikTok offers people the chance to get creative, and start fun trends that others can join. From the ‘Whisper Method’ trend to the ‘Record Me’ challenge, TikTok is the number one place for fun and bizarre trends.

However, lately we’ve seen numerous controversial trends pop off on the social media app. Just last month, a trend called ‘Spa Water‘ was blasted by many for cultural appropriation. Now, videos in the viral ‘Boyfriend Haul’ trend are being accused of racism by Black content creators.

TikTokers accuse ‘Boyfriend Haul’ videos of racism

The ‘Boyfriend Haul’ involves women showcasing their boyfriends online as though they bought them from a store. While it started as a harmless and cute trend, it’s recently sparked some serious concerns.

Many Black content creators believe that the trend is problematic and racist, when the boyfriend that has been “bought” is Black. The videos have even been compared to slavery by some.

TikToker sunshinelively posted a now-viral video, where she watched three separate interracial couples that joined the controversial trend.

She says the first two couples were fine, but claimed the third example was “using a trend to disguise racism” after the woman described her boyfriend as a “purebred Nigerian from the motherland.”

“This is probably last thing you’ll hear from me about the boyfriend haul because the people that get it, get it.” the TikToker says. “The ones that don’t, just don’t – and there’s nothing that I can do about that.”

Another TikToker shared a video of himself reacting to a different interracial couple taking part in the trend. The text over the video reads: “Playing the vine boom at every moment they should have realized this sounded like a slave auction.”

Despite numerous Black TikTokers arguing this trend has problematic and racist undertones, the ‘Boyfriend Haul’ trend is still ongoing. However, some couples who were called out in the viral videos have now deleted their videos.