FaZe fan has 25 FaZe Rug tattoos and won’t stop until he joins the org

TikTok: RichFlows/YouTube: FaZe Rug

A FaZe Clan fan is going above and beyond by regularly getting FaZe Rug’s name tattooed on his body until he meets him. However, the internet has poked fun at it. 

Over the last few years, FaZe Clan have held a number of recruitment challenges, looking to bring fresh faces into their uber-popular inner circle.

They’ve brought it back in 2022 with the FaZe 1 challenge, and naturally, fans are dropping their submission videos left and right in the hopes of joining some of their favorite creators under the FaZe umbrella.

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Some of the submissions have already set the bar high, however, there is one fan who is going above and beyond, putting his body on the line with regular tattoos dedicated to FaZe Rug.

faze clan faze1 recruitment challengeFaZe Clan
The FaZe 1 challenge will bring another creator into the fold.

That’s right, instead of matching some of his fellow contestants in jumping out of planes, RichFlows is getting a huge number of FaZe tattoos on his arm.

Using TikTok and Twitter, the burgeoning YouTuber has shown off his dedication to the cause quite a few times, getting FaZe Rug, the FaZe Clan logo, and more tattooed over 25 times. Yes, 25 times.

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Some of the comments have been pretty supportive, though, there are a handful of users questioning his methods – and if the tattoos are even real in the first place. “Bro, I’ve gotten tattoos for videos but this is too much,” said one. “There are better ways to get his attention,” added another user.

Plenty of users have also questioned his chances of winning the FaZe 1 challenge, though, they are hopeful that he’ll at least get to link up with Rug because of his dedication.

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At the end of the day, it isn’t all that hard to get tattoos removed, but it’ll be a pretty painful process at some point down the line.

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